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Don’t be late and pick up this new Alice in Wonderland merchandise

Don't be late and pick up this new Alice in Wonderland merchandise
Credit: Jordyn


You are not going to want to be late for this very important and adorable line of new merchandise. Which items are your favorite?

Flower and Garden Festival

Credit: Jordyn

There is so much to see and discover at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. This springtime event takes place from March 2 to July 4, 2022. Be sure to check out all of the amazing outdoor kitchens, merchandise lines, topiaries and especially the stunning new Spaceship Earth light show featuring Colors of the Wind.

If you are looking for some live entertainment, the festival has that too! Check out all of the performers scheduled to appear during EPCOT’s Garden Rocks Concert Series.

A complete festival guide can be found HERE.


Credit: Jordyn

Festival merchandise is plentiful this year. The Flower and Garden has five merchandise collections for guests to choose from along with other lines, like Mary Poppins. Other items to purchase are souvenir gift cards and new Limited Edition MagicBands.

If you cannot make it to the festival, we have good news! Some of the items will be coming to shopDisney and some already have, so be sure to keep an eye out online for those.

Be sure to check shopDisney for Flower and Garden merchandise coming soon!

Alice In Wonderland

Credit: Jordyn

One of the lines that I (Maggie) personally adore is the new Alice In Wonderland merchandise. This can be found in the United Kingdom pavilion at a Festival Market booth.

This line features apparel, accessories, and several items that would be just perfect for tea time.


Credit: Maggie

I love the light pastel green color of this t-shirt shown above. It features Alice on the front of the shirt and it says, “It’s always tea time”. This shirt is $39.99.

Credit: Maggie

This tank top says, “This Way To Wonderland” and features a silhouette of Alice on the front. It costs $34.99. I love that you can see the Cheshire Cat and rabbit in the design as well.

Credit: Maggie

We also have a white hoodie style sweatshirt that also says, “This Way to Wonderland” and has a similar design. The hoodie costs $54.99.


Credit: Maggie

These drinking glasses are simply adorable and feature Alice on the front of glass and a United Kingdom design print on the back of the glass. They are small in size, so perfect for a quick refreshing drink.

Credit: Maggie

If you are looking for something larger or need a water bottle, these are available for $19.99. Beware though because they are hand wash only and not dishwasher safe. They sure are cute, but those two things are sometimes deal breakers for me (Maggie).

Credit: Jordyn

Lastly, you cannot have a line featuring Alice In Wonderland without teacups or a teapot, right? This set seems like it includes a teapot and teacup set all in one!

Ears, hats and more!

Credit: Maggie

I do not think any Disney collection is complete without Mickey ears! These adorable ears are in the same pastel green color and features Alice in Wonderland on both ears along with a navy blue bow in the middle. The ears have a shimmery satin finish and cost $29.99.

Credit: Jordyn

If you are not an ear person, this collection has hats too. These hats feature a navy blue bow around the rim with the words, “This Way to Wonderland” along the bow. The hat is reversible and features Alice on the inside.

Credit: Jordyn

How cute! This hat is $24.99.

Credit: Jordyn

One of my favorite items in this collection is this purse with teacups and an Alice silhouette on the front and says, “It’s always tea time!”. The purse is pastel green like the other items in the collection, has a pink strap, and costs $39.99.

Other fun accessories

Credit: Susan

This line also has plenty of other kitchen accessories including these potholders shown above. They cost $19.99. These potholders are fairly large as well as they can be wrapped all around whatever you are holding.

Credit: Jordyn

The kitchen towels shown above feature the same design as the rest of the collection. In my opinion, these kitchen towels are a lot more decorative than functional. However, they are still a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Credit: Maggie

Finally, to complete the collection is this kitchen apron that will have you looking just as stylish as Alice. The apron costs $34.99.

Will you be buying any of these items on your next trip to EPCOT? Which item is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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