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New Mary Poppins Merchandise at EPCOT’S Flower and Garden Festival

New Mary Poppins Merchandise at EPCOT'S Flower and Garden Festival
Credit: Jordyn


If you love Mary Poppins, you’ll want to check out this practically perfect merchandise featuring apparel, kitchen items, and so much more.

Flower and Garden Festival

Credit: Jordyn

There is so much to see and discover at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. This springtime event takes place from March 2 to July 4, 2022. There’s even a new Spaceship Earth light show featuring Colors of the Wind.

At the festival guests step into brilliant gardens, themed topiariesa rockin’ concert series, and so much more. Check out our complete guide to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2022 HERE.

Merchandise Collections

Credit: Jordyn

Of course, what is a festival without new merchandise? This year guests have five new merchandise collections to choose from. You can read about the collections  HERE. To see pictures of every item in the Mickey Mouse Home and Garden collection as well as the Grow Green line, read HERE. In addition, there are 2 magic bands celebrating this years Flower and Garden Festival.

The United Kingdom has 2 unique merchandise lines for this year’s Flower and Garden Festival: Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan. Let’s take a detailed look at the Mary Poppins merchandise…

Mary Poppins Line

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Mary Poppins is one of my (Susan) favorite Disney characters. She embodies a whimsical personality with a touch of magic. What child wouldn’t want her for a nanny?

If you’re also a fan, you’ll love this amazing merchandise line created with Mary and all things British in mind.


Credit: Jordyn

This shirt shown above sells for $39.99 which is higher than most Disney Parks t-shirts However, the lace designs, graphics and glitter Mary Poppins give this shirt a designer feel. I’m hoping it’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.


Credit: Jordyn

Do you love cardigans? They’re quite rare for Disney merchandise lines. This cardigan tops my list for this line! Shown above is Mary Poppins sporting her umbrella and pink glitter. Check out the back of the cardigan above.

Credit: Jordyn

When wearing cardigans, I have two criteria. First, they have to be soft. Second, I need pockets. This one fits the bill on both counts! I absolutely love the penguin along with the word London. If available, I’m purchasing this item on my next visit!

Cropped Top

Credit: Jordyn

Although I don’t wear cropped tops, the lace sets this shirt apart. Mary’s whimsical personality shines in this pretty pink top.


Hats are a wonderful way to keep sun off your head. Also, if you’re looking for a fashionable hat, the one above fits the bill! This white straw hat with red and rose accents would make a perfection accessory.


Towel Set

Credit: Jordyn

The towel set shown in the 2 pictures above feature a white lace Practically Perfect towel as well as a pink Mary Poppins icon towel. They’re too pretty to use though! Seriously, my wish list is growing!


Credit: Jordyn

Another whimsical and beautiful design is found in the plate above. It’s made of ceramic and costs $14.99.


What’s more British than a spot of tea? Check out the drinking options in the photos below.

Water Bottle

Credit: Jordyn

Disney hit it out of the park with this stainless steel water bottle. It retails for $19.99.

Juice Glass

Credit: Jordyn

Something about drinking juice out of a Mary Poppins glass makes me smile. Check out the adorable glass above.

Tea Cup

Credit: Jordyn

Get the ladies together for an afternoon tea – British style! Everyone will want to attend to drink out of this adorable tea cups.


Credit: Jordyn

Next, look for a small tea picture to brew your favorite teas.

Home Items

We’re not finished yet! I’m loving this entire set so much I hope it sticks around after the Flower and Garden Festival.


Credit: Jordyn

Mary Poppins sitting with her penguin friend is such a fun ornament! The Jolly Holiday theming continues throughout this line.

Metal Sign

Credit: Jordyn

These metal signs are larger than I thought. Awhile back, I purchased the red version of this sign. There’s a hole in each corner for easy hanging. It retails for $24.99.

Do you think this new Mary Poppins line if “practically perfect?” Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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