Home Disney Dining Reviews Is the new 50th anniversary push-pop everything we were expecting?

Is the new 50th anniversary push-pop everything we were expecting?

Is the new 50th anniversary push-pop everything we were expecting?
Credit: Monica


Several new 50th anniversary snacks made their debut at Walt Disney World last month! We tried the new push-pop that was released and here is what we thought.

New Anniversary Snacks and Treats

Credit: Monica

Happy 50th Anniversary Disney World! Along with all of the anniversary celebrations also came new snacks and treats. More than 150 different drinks and treats debuted for the special occasion.

To keep everything fresh and new, Walt Disney World decided to roll out some new anniversary snacks and treats replacing some old ones. If you want to see all of the newest releases, take a look at this post HERE.

A few KtP writers were able to try some of the new snacks on a recent trip! Here are the snacks and treats that we have tried so far:

Stretch Portrait Push-pop

Credit: Monica

Our next treat to try was the Stretch Portrait Push-pop (formerly known as the Chilling Chamber Push Pop). If you remember back when this was announced, we deemed it as a winner just on the name alone! You can try this treat out at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom.

Try this treat at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom.

We were just dying to try this new treat, but was it everything we had expected? One of the best things about this treat is the Haunted Mansion paper around it and the edible Stretch Portrait on top.

Credit: Monica

However, the rest of this treat is kind of well… dead. Since it was described as a “push-pop”, we were expecting it to taste like a push-pop. Also, from the first name it was given (Chilling Chamber), we expected it to be similar to an ice-cream bar. Instead, it was more like a crumbly tasting plain cake all throughout and it was actually quite dry.

The stretch portrait candy on top was rather hard and it definitely seemed like you were eating some kind of paper instead of a treat.

Our advice is to try out some other yummy treats at this location such as the funnel cakes or waffle sandwiches. Yum yum!

Have you tried the Stretch Portrait Push-pop from Sleepy Hollow or any of the other 50th anniversary treats or snacks? What is your favorite so far or which ones do you think you will want to try? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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