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Review: Is the Very Happy Unbirthday Tea really a Celebration?

Review:  Is the Very Happy Unbirthday Tea really a Celebration?

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Disney recently released a new group of fun treats for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. Check out our review of the the Very Happy Unbirthday Tea to see if you should try this during your next trip to the Magic Kingdom.

New 50th Anniversary Snacks Debut

Check out all the new 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Disney World Resorts
Credit: Disney

At the start of the New Year, Walt Disney World held a vote for the newest group of 50th Anniversary snacks for Guests to enjoy. Disney’s Instagram followers vote were able to vote on the treat or dish they want to see next. At the end, voters definitely chose sweet over savory.

You can check out a full listing of all of these new snacks and treats HERE. These snacks and treats debuted in the Magic Kingdom on January 10th.

Cheshire Cafe Treat

Screenshot: Disney’s Instagram

One of the treats that was a big winner during the Instagram vote was the Very Happy Unbirthday Tea. When this treat was announced as the winner, it was named the Always Tea Time Slush. Originally this featured our favorite curious Cheshire Cat.

When this treat debuted in the Magic Kingdom, it was renamed the Very Happy Unbirthday Tea in honor of the Mad Hatter. The tea does represent the colors of the Mad Hatter nicely and perhaps that was the reason for the name change.

We purchased this at the Cheshire Cafe for $5.99. Earlier we shared that it appeared that the Cheshire Cafe in Fantasyland was now temporarily closed for the season. We are delighted to see this snack location opened for the weekend and weekdays again.

Very Happy Unbirthday Tea

Credit: Donna

The Very Happy Unbirthday Tea boasted a very interesting flavor. Flavors featured in the bottom green layer were frozen black tea and frozen mango. The top green layer is a frozen sour apple. This is all topped off with whipped cream and a signature white chocolate piece featuring 10/6 like on the Mad Hatter’s hat.

The drink was quite cold and would be very refreshing on a hot day in Magic Kingdom. I (Donna) was very excited to try this drink. Frozen tea is one of my favorite treats, but this drink is definitely not one of my favorites. There was more of a mango flavor than that of the black tea in my opinion.

The Very Happy Unbirthday Tea in honor of the Mad Hatter can be purchased at the Cheshire Cafe for $5.99.

Screenshot: Disney’s Instagram

The layer of frozen sour apple was much too sour in my opinion. The large dollop of whipped cream was not appetizing with this frozen beverage. If it was very hot day and I (Donna) happened to be in Fantasyland, I may try this again simply to cool off. There are so many great food items at Walt Disney World. I feel that this Very Happy Unbirthday Tea would be near the bottom of my “Must Try” snacks at Walt Disney World.

What do you think of the 50th Anniversary snacks and treats? Have you tried the Very Happy Unbirthday Tea yet? Which treat are you most excited to try? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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