Home Disney News This experience is once again available in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This experience is once again available in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This experience is once again available in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
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If you’re a Star Wars fan, you will be excited to learn that this Guest experience is once again available for fans! Will you be heading here on your next trip to Walt Disney World?

Supply Shortages for Galaxy’s Edge

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Unfortunately, Disney is not immune to supply shortages, and Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios suffered during the month of January.

First, Guests who spent a lot of money on custom lightsabers at Savi’s were offered a clear plastic bag to carry it in, since the nice carrying bags were out of stock. Disney attempted to remedy the situation by offering a 10% discount on the already expensive lightsabers. This remedy did little to appease Guests.

Credit: Disney

Then, a similar situation happened at Droid Depot. Guests spending over $100 to build a custom Droid found out that they are out of carrying boxes. Guests have been offered clear plastic bags to carry their Droids in instead.

If those two weren’t enough, we also learned that Guests hoping to make a light saber on a budget at Tatooine Traders are out of luck. The experience has been closed since December, and replaced with a pin trading station.

Tatooine Traders

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Tatooine Traders is located outside of Galaxy’s Edge near the Star Tours attraction. You can find apparel, figurines, gadgets, books, and more celebrating all things Star Wars. This is also home to the budget-friendly lightsaber building experience.

We are so excited that the Build Your Own Lightsaber station is now open once again at Tatooine Traders!

Credit: Monica

If you’re hoping to have a lightsaber building experience without the super expensive price tag, be sure to head over here! This is a great option for kids who are going to want to play with their lightsabers.

Lightsabers at Tatooine Traders are originally priced at $30 for the single blade and about $45 for the dual lightsaber. Discounts do apply, so be sure to use your Annual Pass if you have one!

Will you be heading to Tatooine Traders to build a lightsaber? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook.

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