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This Star Wars Experience will now be Closed until further Notice

This Star Wars Experience will now be Closed Indefinitely
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Are you planning a trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in the near future? Be sure to check out the fun experience that is currently closed until further notice to the disappointment of Guests both the young and the young at heart.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

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Do you have a Star Wars fan in your family? My (Donna) son cannot get enough of Star Wars. He loves everything about the newest addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

There are 2 very unique experiences in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge that allows Guests to build their very own lightsabers.

There are two options for creating custom lightsabers at Hollywood Studios. First, there is Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge. Not only do you build the lightsaber, but you also bring it to life with the power of kyber crystals.

Credit: Monica

You choose from 1 of 4 available hilt themes. Plus, you you receive a pin to identify which theme you chose. Then, you go through the entire process to build your custom lightsaber. This comes at a hefty price of well over $200.

That is a bit of a sticker shock especially if your young Jedi desires to play with their light saber. Recently, Monica shared a more budget friendly light saber experience with us. Be sure to check out her review of this experience at Tatooine Traders HERE.

Experience Closed for a While

Credit: Monica

Tatooine Traders is located outside of Galaxy’s Edge near the Star Tours attraction. You can find apparel, figurines, gadgets, books, and more celebrating all things Star Wars. This is also home to the budget-friendly lightsaber building experience.

Recently, many businesses across the country have experienced delays in receiving merchandise and supplies. Unfortunately, these shipping delays have also affected the merchandise that is available at Walt Disney World.

Currently the Lightsaber Building Experience is not available at Tatooine Traders due to shipping delays. At this time, Cast Members are unable to estimate when this experience may be able to reopen, but have shared that it will be closed for quite a long time.

Currently the Lightsaber Building Experience is not available at Tatooine Traders due to shipping delays.

This is quite disappointing for young Jedis. We are hoping that shipments may be received soon to allow this budget friendly experience to resume.

Were you planning to enjoy this experience during your next trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Have you built a light saber at this location before? Have shipping delays affected any of your Disney experiences in the Parks? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Yeah. Curious indeed that someone can’t figure out why the cheap lightsabers sell better than the $200 ones….Obviously the only possibility is a conspiracy. Weird.

  2. They actually do have supply chain issues. We were at DL a few weeks ago and Savi’s Workshop was out of the padded bags that the lightsabers normally come with. Tons of people walking around with their $220 lightsabers, with nothing to protect them or even be able to throw them over their shoulder. I brought my lightsaber with (purchased on a previous trip), intending to buy one of the nicer bags with the pouches, but found that those were sold out as well. I actually had people ask me where I got my plain old lightsaber bag.

  3. so the closure of the store that sells cheap plastic lightsabers is attributed to supply chain shortages, yet the store that sells expensive metal/LED lightsabers has no supply chain issues. that sure is convenient for Disney.

  4. My son just built a lightsaber at Savis before Thanksgiving. We purchased the belt clip and display stand and it was $287. A bit steep to say the least, however he got to pick his saber build and blade color. He loved the experience and we live so far away we probably won’t be back soon. Great for Star Wars die hards!

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