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Disney Provides a New Discount for its Lightsaber Experience

Disney Provides a New Discount for its Lightsaber Experience
Credit: Disney

The lightsaber related happenings caused quite a stir in the world of Disney goers. Now Disney is offering a discount.


Credit: Disney

Located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Savi’s Workshop is a place where fans of the franchise can build their very own lightsabers. These are not the plastic light sabers that you can find in gift shops. They are made with delicate 31 inch blades and are much more like replicas of what you see in the films.

The experience comes at a high price tag, and in fact, it recently incurred a price increase, bringing it to $219. According to Disney’s website, it includes one lightsaber build per person as well as a carrying case.

A Great Disturbance in the Force

Credit Disney

Yesterday (January 7, 2022), Disney guests who held reservations at Savi’s to build their very own lightsabers were in for a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately, the surprise was an unfortunate one.

Instead of the cool protective carrying sleeves mentioned in Disney’s description of the experience, Cast Members distributed clear plastic bags. Additionally, Cast Members reportedly explained that supply line issues have caused Savi’s to run out of the carrying cases typically included in the experienceThe plastic bags are the current substitution until this issue can be resolved.

Credit: Disney

Many participants are angry at the substitution. They are particularly angry because this change was reportedly unannounced. You can read the original story here.

It does seem as if Disney has plans to include the sheaths, similar to the more deluxe version pictured, in the experience once supplies are replenished. However, that is of no help to guests who have builds scheduled during this shortage.

Credit: ShopDisney

Additionally, Walt Disney World’s website does have a disclaimer attached to the experience. It reads, “All prices, experiences, information and offerings are subject to restrictions, change or cancellation without notice.”

So, while it would have been courteous for Disney to give guests some notice of the substitution, it is written into the policy that changes can occur with no notice. This is, unfortunately, one such change.


Credit: Susan

However, fans took to social media with their disappointment at the change. Some tagged Walt Disney Worlds Guest Service account. Others simply posted on their favorite platforms to spread the word.

Still others visited guest relations in person with their new plastic bags in tow. It may have been the most backlash we have seen since Noodlegate!

Credit: Monica

I can’t say that I blame anyone for the disappointment, especially since the lightsabers are both expensive and fragile. No one wants to miss out on part of a much anticipated experience.

A New Discount

Credit: Disney

This morning, January 8, 2022 (thanks, Terra!), guests began reporting that Disney is now offering a small discount on the lightsaber build experience. In fact, one of our readers let us know that today Savi’s provided lightsaber builders a 10% discount since the protective sleeves are out of stock.

This discount equates to roughly $22 off the pretax price of the experience. It brings the price down to $197 before taxes.

Guests could put the $22 savings towards one of the sleeves for sale elsewhere in the park or perhaps some packing supplies to get it home safely. Although it does not fully cover the $50 cost of the more deluxe sheaths that are currently in stock available for sale at Dok-Ondar’s, it is nice to see some form of compensation for those with reservations for the experience.

Credit: KtP

Whether this discount is a direct response to guest complaints is not officially known. However, it does feel like Disney is extending a welcomed olive branch to its fan base. Disney, if you are listening, I appreciate efforts to mollify disappointment over modifications that decrease the value of the experience.

What are your thoughts on this discount? Is it a nice gesture? Is it enough? Please let us know in the comments below or on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page.


  1. We had no trouble on Delta airlines getting home on the plane with it as a personal item. Not much different than someone with a cane or crutches.

  2. Yes. The standard case is a cheap fabric you find in reusable grocery bags. There is a foam tube sewn into them. I would expect them to be worth the $22 that is being discounted now. They should have done that right from the beginning.

  3. What happens at the airport. I remember having to do a special check of a toy wooden gun from Pirates area gift shop. Almost missed our flight.

  4. Just Disney taking advantage of their guests and their wallets yet again. You might note that Disney only started offering the discount after massive guests complaints and social media exposure

  5. You have summed my feelings entirely. while I’m sure that Disney has experienced economic issues due to Covid and having to close because they previously had a policy of, “ no rain checks we never close“. I am sure that Walter Elias Disney is turning frantically in his grave at issues like this. The Disney parks are part of his legacy and that deserves respect from anyone who represents anything that includes the name Disney. Supposedly that is the point of having “cast members“ instead of employees because this allows Disney parks to select people based on appearance and yet not be in violation of non-discriminatory laws. Whomever was high up enough in the WDW Hierarchy at that park that maintained the unfair policy of the lightsaber bags instead of putting customer satisfaction first, ought to be ashamed of themselve. Cast members at the very point of contact with guests should have had discretionary powers to discount or provide a voucher for the available “case” that obviously was not sold out if it was available in the gift shop. A smarter business decision would’ve been wiser to include a free case code that a guest could later use on the website. If they were smart they would have realized that this practice would encourage possibly more purchases at the same time.

  6. I don’t see why they can’t use the inventory of $50 for sale cases. How is it a supply issue if you have the item for sale? Give those guests a voucher to get the carrying case.

    • Checked into this. The $50 ones are more deluxe than the ones provided in the experience. The ones that are out of stock are the simpler version.

  7. The sleeve pictured is the one you have to purchase for $50. We built a light saber the week it opened. It’s basically the cheapest kind of fabric with a pool noodle inside of it. People aren’t missing that much! If you really want something to carry it, you need to buy the $50 one

  8. Olice branch? They should give the $50 out until the others come in. The better Sheaths prob only cost disney few dollars. I made all 4 first weekend GE opened then last week, I paid for 4 grandchildren and son in law to each make sabors and luckily were able to get the Sheaths that’s part of package. Speaks volume how pathetic disney execs are to just give plastic bags out until people objected. As far as the disclosure goes, would people accept it if out of blades or cyber crystals?
    Disney execs obviously think people are stupid.

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