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The shocking replacement for an expensive lightsaber accessory

The shocking replacement for a expensive lightsaber accessory
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Disney made an unannounced change to an expensive add on experience. Would you be upset if you had reservations?

Magical Extras

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Although Walt Disney World offers ticket holders attractions and entertainment with your admission, the magic doesn’t end there. There are plenty of Enchanting Extras you can add on to your experience.

For example, you can add on dessert parties or dining packages for priority seating at certain shows. You can add on After Hours events and special tours. In fact, many of these experiences are returning to Disney World in the upcoming months!

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Now, if you are anything like me (Katie P.), you want to know exactly what your paid experience includes. That way you can make sure that it is worth the additional cost that you are tacking on to what is most likely already an expensive vacation.

Savi’s Workshop

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Located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Savi’s Workshop is a place where aspiring Jedi and Siths can build their very own light sabers. These are not the plastic light sabers that you can find in gift shops. They are made with delicate 31 inch blades and are much more like what you see in the films.

And, of course, the build is a full blown Disney-style experience. Cast Members play their parts perfectly to make you the star of your own scene from Star Wars set in Black Spire Outpost.

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Guests rely on “gatherers,” carefully disguised from the First Order, to usher them in to select their parts for their handbuilt lightsabers, including Kyber Crystals. The “Gatherers” then lead guests through the ceremonious process of building a lightsaber.

The experience recently incurred a price increase, bringing it to $219. According to Disney’s website, it includes one lightsaber build per person as well as a carrying case.

An Unexpected Change

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However, on January 7, 2022, guests began to report an unexpected, unannounced, and unwelcomed change to the experience. After building the lightsabers of their dreams, guests expected to receive the very cool protective carrying case to keep their treasured lightsabers safe on their travels.

But this did NOT happen. Instead, Cast Members distributed clear plastic bags. Cast Members reportedly explained that supply line issues have caused Savi’s to run out of carrying cases. The plastic bags are the current substitution until this issue can be resolved.

Twitter user @WDWTony shared a picture of the bags on his account for others to see. He tagged WDWGuestService as many people do when they would like Guest Services to be aware of feedback.

Credit @WDWTony

There are other cases available for purchase for $50 at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiques. Otherwise, guests have to make do with the plastic bags.

Disney seems to have intentions of distributing the carrying cases again once they are back in stock. However, this is no help for guests who received the shocking replacement bags.

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Many participants are angry at the substitution. They are particularly angry because this change was reportedly unannounced. It is possible that some visitors would have elected to reschedule had they known about the issue.

And that reaction is understandable. I would be disappointed in this situation, especially if I booked it as a once in a lifetime experience for my children, especially given the hefty price tag.

The Policy

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As it turns out, Walt Disney World’s website does have a disclaimer attached to the experience. It reads, “All prices, experiences, information and offerings are subject to restrictions, change or cancellation without notice.”

So, while it would have been courteous for Disney to give guests some notice of the substitution, it is written into the policy that changes can occur with no notice. Still, our sympathies go out to those guests experiencing disappointment.

Would you be disappointed to receive this plastic bag instead of the carrying case? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. When we were at Disney world in April, we had scheduled my 11 year old grandson and I to build droids. I opted to get the add on “back pack” carrying case, not wanting to carry the box around the park for the rest of the day, my choice. But given the choice of a handleless plastic bag instead, I too would have been pretty upset. Have you ever tried to carry anything around the park ALL DAY? Let alone the problem with going on rides! A plastic bag provides NO PROTECTION for a very expensive, delicate souvenir. And don’t say “Well, just cancel doing it!”. Obviously, you have never traveled with excited children, eagerly looking forward to a once in a lifetime experience! And while Disney did make the gesture of providing a discount (No help to those there before 1/8!), they certainly should have had a plan in place to deal with this, other than having a 10 cent plastic bag to replace the easily carried and padded case that was expected! At the very least, signage could have been posted, explaining the problem before people waited in line and found out as they were in the process of paying. This seems to be another example of the “less service for more money”.

    • I agree about the droids. When we went, they were out of boxes, and we took them in Disney Parks shopping bags. Luckily we did the build right before leaving the park for the day and had a compartment in the stroller to store them in until we got to the resort. However, I imagine others would have preferred the sturdy boxes.

  2. They should be notified when they sign up to build the light saber! DW knows ahead of time so people should be advised. That or as has been sai a goid discount on the $50 ones. It just isn’t right and I would be extremely disappointed!

  3. The bag is a huge part of the Product you are buying so I would not be happy. Disney should have offered vouchers to be used to get a bag when they were back in stock that included free shipping.

    • I agree that the bag is part of the experience. I have seen people make the argument that we are paying to build a saber, not a bag. But if you have imaginative members in your travel party, I bet that part of the fun is slipping that new lightsaber into its sheath and carrying it around GE.

  4. Paying more, getting less is Chepak’s new Disney (though he seems to profit more).

    The BOD better fire his butt quick, as his destruction of Disney accelerates. Chepak is a classic example of the Peter Principal. Disney stockholders should start considering replacing members of the board if they don’t fix the Chepak problem right now.

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