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Sneak Peek of New Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction

Sneak Peek of New Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction
Credit: shopDisney


Are you excited for the new Disney monthly collection? We have a SNEAK PEEK of the first Mickey!

A New Collectible Series

stitch crashes disney
Photo: Disney

Despite the fact that the Stitch Collection has not reached completion for US shoppers, Disney went ahead and teased a new collection. Fans are a little confused since they are still awaiting the last installments of the Stitch Series. That might be more bananas than the Jungle Book Stitch!

Pocahontas and Mulan plush Stitches have yet to be released in the United States. Oddly, the corresponding Magic Bands have been popping up on shopDisney and in Disney theme parks.

Credit: Shop Disney

Perhaps the new installments are on the way. Regardless of what is happening in Stitch land, The Mickey Main Attraction Collection will be coming soon!

Mickey Mouse Main Attraction

Credit: shopDisney

Now, fans can get a Mickey Mouse plush to match their Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction purchases.

It is true. The new monthly collection will match attraction for attraction. The idea of duplicate theming has been met with mixed reviews. Some collectors would rather have something new and different. Others are thrilled with the idea of coordinating Mickey and Minnie sets.

The First Plush!

Credit: KtP

Like the rest of the merchandise in the first release, the first plush Mickey Mouse will represent a fan favorite coaster. Space Mountain is the inspiration.

Instagram User @bellashophk posted a preview on social media. The Plush will be available in Shanghai soon it appears.


The collection includes ears without bows. It also includes Loungefly bags.

We at the KtP Writing Crew will let you know if we hear of a US release date. Hopefully we will get Stitch release dates soon as well!

What do you think of this new Mickey Mouse: the Main Attraction plush? Will you be collecting the series (if it ever comes out in the US)? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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  1. Isn’t it weird that other countries get the Mickey Mouse main attraction before we do in the United States where the 50th anniversary of all Disney world is being celebrated

  2. It’s not original at all. They already did Mickey Mouse Memories and the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction. They combine it and create a pretty bad plush, and let’s not forget how horribly they handle collections. The Stitch Crashes Disney was a 2021 collection that somehow still manages to be a pain. It has done damage from which ShopDisney can never recover. I don’t see myself going crazy for Mickey Mouse Main Attraction. It’s a hard pass for me. Did I mention how bad this plush is?

  3. I loved the Minnie Mouse series but it was such a pain to collect, I will definitely be skipping the Mickey series. I’m so over competing with resellers.

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