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Disney’s Magical Express will take Guests back to airport for one last time in January 2022

Disney's Magical Express will take Guests back to airport for one last time in January 2022
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Disney’s Magical Express is saying farewell at the end of the year. However, it will take guests back to the airport for one last time in January 2022. Will you be one of the last guests to ride this form of Disney transportation?

Disney’s Magical Express

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It still seems quite a shock to many guests that this form of transportation is coming to an end at the end of the year. Just say it isn’t so!

Disney announced that their free Magical Express service would be coming to an end in 2021 earlier this year.

It was later revealed that this would simply be replaced by Mears transportation. However, there is a catch. The service is no longer complimentary to guests. More information relating to this change can be found HERE.

What other options are available?

Credit: Maggie

Mears has released pricing information and details relating to their service. You can look at those details HERE or visit their website for further information.

This service officially becomes available to guests on January 1st! Reservations can be made now, so be sure to make your reservation as soon as you can.

Guests also have the option to use other services, such as Uber or Lyft. For guests beginning to travel in February, they may want to check out this new form of transportation announced from Sunshine Flyer.

Sunshine Flyer would be particularly useful and fun to use if you really want to make the ride to and from the airport full of fun!

Final Disney’s Magical Express Bus


Many guests might have had travel plans where they left on the Magical Express but have a trip that is returning after the service has ended. What then?

The final Magical Express Bus will return guests to Orlando International Airport on January 10th.

Tweet from Orlando International Airport

Disney is not leaving these guests stranded, which is great news for them! Orlando International Airport announced on Twitter today that the final bus will be returning guests to the airport on January 10th. Did you all sing along to their tweet? I know I did.

Will you be one of the final guests aboard Disney’s Magical Express? Will you miss this form of transportation? What service will you use instead? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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