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Reservations and Pricing Information for Magical Express Replacement are NOW live!

Reservations and Pricing Information for Magical Express Replacement are NOW live!
Credit: Disney

We now have pricing and reservation details for the service that is replacing Disney’s Magical Express. What do you think of the pricing? Will you use Mears for your next trip or find alternate transportation?

Magical Express Ending

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Disney announced earlier this year that Magical Express would be ending at the end of 2021. This free transportation service will send you from the Orlando Airport to your Disney Hotel and vice versa.

Mears is the company that Disney hired to handle Magical Express, and they did announce recently that would offer a paid service that is very similar to the free Disney version.

The service begins on January 1 with reservations available! We now have pricing details!

Mears Connect

From the Mears website: “A trusted transportation service connecting Orlando International Airport (MCO) to many Orlando resorts and serving as Orlando’s Premier Airport, Hotel & Resort Shuttle Service.

What to Expect:
Quick access to Mears Connect once you land.
An arrival souvenir.
Limited wait time to board.
Limited stops to your hotel/resort.
Entertainment for you and your party while you ride.
Clean, sanitized vehicles.
Spacious, comfortable seating.
Professional, friendly drivers.
Unparalleled Safety.”

Here’s how to book your reservation:

Step 1: Choose between Standard and Premium Service

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“The Standard level of service is a shared ride service on our Mears Connect (bus or van) that is economical as the fare includes all tolls and other surcharges. The Connection will make a limited number of stops and will have you on your way to your resort within 20 minutes of your check-in to the Mears Connect reception area.

The Express level of service is a direct service with limited to no wait time. This service includes all tolls and other surcharges.

Both standard and express service levels incorporate all current city, county, state, federal and CDC health and safety measures and both standard and express service levels will provide your party with continuously clean, sanitized vehicles.” (From the Mears website)

How much this cost?

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Standard service is $16/adult and $13.50/child one way or $32/adult and $27/child round trip.

Round trip premium service is $200 for up to 4 passengers. Additional passengers cost $55/person.

Step 2: Confirm Ride Details

Credit: KtP writer Susan

Next, you will choose your drop off location, return pick-up location, arrival and departure airlines and flight numbers. You will also need to include dates, times, number of passengers and bags, and if you have wheelchairs.

You will not be able to make a reservation with Mears Connect until you have your flights booked!

Step 3: Payment Details

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You will then make payment arrangements and confirm your service! It’s pretty easy with only 3 steps! The great thing is reservations can be made online and they are live NOW!

Head over HERE to make reservations.

Do you think the pricing is reasonable? Will you book Mears for your trip or will you be finding transportation elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Uber getting in a strangers car. What kind of insurance do they have to be a taxi service if you get in an accident there not cover for passenger driving there policy only covers for them selfs. Before taking a Uber check about the coverage they have in the state your in.

  2. We used Magic Express on arriving to Airport was very disappointed on how far to get from baggage claims to departure location and will be the same for MEARS as will be the same location . Except now will have pay for We choose Uber to Go from Art of Animation to MCO airport Cost us $ 27 with Uber app for and dropping off right at Airlines departure terminal not location of MEARS . STRESS not worth it Use Urbe app plus give great discounts for first time users.

  3. What do I think of the pricing? For something that was included before and now we have to pay for less service? I think it’s shameful of Disney to be so greedy and thoughtless of people with families. Families not being made of money. We stopped going just for that reason. Remember, there are other parks to visit. I wish Disney would realize that!

  4. It’s terrible what Disney is doing to its loyal customers. No more Disney Express. Wait on hold forever to speak with a representative when you call the Disney Vacation Club. Good Luck with availability unless you book mknghs and months in advance. I used to recommend DVC to everyone. Not any more.

  5. I just looked at the site and children are age 3-9. We will definitely not use this option. Our children are all over 9 but under 18. Uber or Lyft for us from now on.

  6. I absolutely will pay for it because I have four children who are all still in car seats riding the bus gets us around needing to bring car seats. You can’t find an Uber that has four car seats.

  7. I think Mears should be like the Disney Magical Express Bus free round trip Transportation to the Orlando International airport to the Disney Resorts and back to the Airport like it was in the beginning when they first started the Disney Magical Express.

  8. There are other theme parks to go to, rather than Disney. I think most families will opt out of the pay more for less and the additional hassle. I know we’re done with them.

  9. I am thinking it is time to sell my DVC. Disney is making it impossible to afford. $200 for magical Express isnt magical. I’m here right now and many rides are down. Some shows are down. Construction going on everywhere. No annual passes to make the trips more affordable with the dvc use of resorts. Customer service is becoming rude. Where has Disneys loyalty gone to their customers?

  10. It was never “free”. It was included in the price you paid for a Disney trip. Disney has increased their margins by doing away with ME so we all get to pay more for less. Thanks D-bag Chapek!

  11. 200 is just for the premium service, the standard isn’t bad. (And similar- actually slightly lower price- than universal’s super star shuttle) since I usually have such a large group we would not fit in 1 Uber this would def work out much better for me and I like being able to book in advance instead of on the spot using Uber.

  12. Yikes! $200 for a round trip? That’s usually what we pay for a round trip flight, to MCO! I’m not so certain I would even use the “standard” version whenever I could probably get an Uber/Lyft for a similar price & it would be a direct trip.

  13. I travel alone, so the standard price doesn’t bother me. However, I can see why groups and families would want to do some price comparisons to other transportation providers.

  14. I’m curious what age would be considered a child? Are they following the Disney Dining age of 10 and up being an adult or will it be ages 18 and up are adults?

  15. How much of that price is Disney getting a kickback for? 200 for 4 people? Does that include a reach around? Most airline tickets don’t cost that. Being a Florida resident I feel for out of town guests. You are better off finding different transportation

  16. Or an Uber or Lyft for $36 each way. Unless we have more than four people, it doesn’t seem worth it. Disney World’s Brightline train from the airport to Disney Springs is now delayed to 2026, so I guess people will have to try Mears, Uber, Lyft, rental cars, or something. What would it take to make Mears worth it?

What do you think?

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