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The new Disney Wish will set sail with two original shows

The new Disney Wish will set sail with two original shows
Credit: screenshot of D23 Expo

Are you excited for Disney’s newest cruise ship? This morning, Disney announced two new stunning shows guests will enjoy while sailing on the Disney Wish.

Disney Wish

credit: Kenny the Pirate

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The Disney Wish is scheduled for the maiden voyage in June 2022. As we get closer to that date, Disney releases more exciting information about the brand new ship.

Guests can hear an all new original song at this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade and catch a glimpse at all of our favorite characters on board a brand new float for the Disney Wish.

The new Disney Wish cruise will set sail with two original shows
Credit: Disney

Disney Wish will be full of exciting entertainment, immersive dining experiences, and recreation will be available on board. It is sure to be jam packed with all sorts of serious fun! Check out the Incredibles fun family activities HERE.

New Role for Minnie

Credit: Disney

In the past, Disney cruise guests have been greeted by Captain Mickey on every voyage. Just love seeing Mickey looking so dapper! However, now for the first time, guests will be thrilled to see that Minnie has earned her Captain title. That’s right, debuting on Disney Wish, guests will be thrilled by Captain Minnie too!

Captain Minnie debuts on the Disney Wish!

Seas the Adventure Show

Credit: Kenny

This morning at the D23 Expo, Disney shared that guests will “Seas the Adventure” with Captain Minnie. Not only that, but guests and Disney Pixar characters help Goofy chase his dreams.

Guests will experience this new show on their first cruise night. This show is the ultimate Kiss Goodnight! But, that’s not all. There’s a second amazing show coming.

New Broadway Style Show

Credit: D23 Expo screenshot, Virgina singing as Ursula

One of the many awesome perks of cruising with Disney is the quality of theatrical shows. They are re included in the cruise price! With the new Disney Wish, Disney thrills guests with a Broadway-style new adapttion of Disney’s 1989 The Little Mermaid.

Viewers were given a preview of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” by Virginia aka Ursula. The song gave me chills and makes me want to sign up for a cruise STAT!

Credit: Disney

Disney shared the production will feature a reimagined script and score. Also, the show incorporates innovative designs. Disney explains that this story focuses on Ariel finding her own voice. Instead of The Little Mermaid finding her man, she finds herself. What a beautiful story. On her journey, Ariel discovers that she unlocks the magic of a chest with her voice.

Instead of The Little Mermaid finding her man, she finds herself.

What do you think of these two new original shows on Disney’s newest ship? Do you have plans to sail on the Disney Wish? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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