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New update: Bob Iger is the reason Chapek is missing D23

New update: Bob Iger is the reason Chapek is missing D23

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In an odd twist of events, Bob Iger is reportedly the reason why Chapek is missing D23. Here is the newest update.

D23 Woes

Credit: Monica

This weekend is the biggest Disney event of the year. Destination D23 will announce all kinds of exciting new projects along with updates to existing ones at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. There will also be some surprises along the way!

When this event was first announced Disney CEO Bob Chapek was announced to be in attendance for the official welcome. As we shared recently, Bob Chapek’s name is removed from the lineup.

Many Disney fans speculated that this may be due to Chapek’s diminished popularity with Disney fans due to recent changes in the company. This was clearly speculation, but then Disney has released a statement explaining why Bob Chapek will not be in attendance.

Disney’s Statements

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Disney spokeswoman, Jacquee Wahler stated, “Bob has a conflict in LA on Friday night and couldn’t make it back to Orlando on time.” Then just a few days later Chapek himself spoke out about missing the event.

On the D23 Inside Disney podcast, Bob Chapek shared the following statement:

“I’m sorry. I had every intention of trying to make it this year, as you know I’ve made the last several. I really love that event. Unfortunately, this year given the new job and given the tugs I get from several different areas it’s impossible for me to make it, but I will be there in spirit.”

The real reason…is because of Bob Iger?

Credit: Disney

Bob Iger, Disney’s previous CEO, is loved and adored by many Disney fans. He was responsible for Disney’s acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. He retired in early 2020, and then Bob Chapek took over.

But, what if I told you Iger is the reason Bob Chapek decided to skip D23?

According to Puck, Iger hosted a farewell dinner party last night at his home in California where Chapek and many others were in attendance. Puck shares,

Credit: D23

“Depending on the tone and tenor of the evening, and the seating chart, it’s conceivable that the conversation could turn to the question currently transfixing Chapek and his colleagues: how to grow Disney+.”

Chapek attended Iger’s farewell dinner party on Friday night.

It sounds like this may be more of a business meeting than a simple gathering with friends. Why would Iger plan this event the same weekend as D23? Why couldn’t Chapek take a late night flight out to the East Coast?

What do you think? Is it unreasonable for Chapek to make both engagements? Should Iger have planned the event at a different time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Sunday 21st of November 2021

D23 is a Disney fans event and Bob Paychek has clearly demonstrated he gives 2 craps about the fans.


Sunday 21st of November 2021

For the time being the only people Chapel needs to impress our investors, but without fans willing to pay for a great experience the investors will start to lose money. He doesn't want to be boo'd.

Mark H.

Sunday 21st of November 2021

And now comes the concocted made up excuse. Does he really expect us to believe this made up stuff? Really? Must be following trumps trick? Just stick to your lie and eventually everyone will believe it. Well bob, you can see how well that's working for him! Please do the right thing and step down before you ruin Disney all together. Then you'll be respected once again for doing the right thing.


Sunday 21st of November 2021

Clearly Mr. Chepak acted based on his priorities, of which Disney guests are not part off.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

I agree with the majority… this was a choice to not risk having Disney’s most devoted fans boo the CEO, the face and steward of the company, as he continues to decrease or eliminate experiences while increasing prices. I’d be booing while watching the live stream. He absolutely could have attended and owned his and his other executive’s decisions, even attend via satellite. I will still stay optimistic that the Disney experiences we all know and love may return, but for now … Boo!

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