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Disney Releases a Statement on Chapek’s Absence at the Largest Fan Event

Disney Releases a Statement on Chapek's Absence at the Largest Fan Event
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You would think that the Walt Disney Company CEO would prioritize his attendance at the HUGE D23 fan event. Find out why Bob Chapek will be missing from the schedule of events.

D23 Event at Walt Disney World

Credit: D23

D23 shares, “As we celebrate 50 years of the Walt Disney World Resort and more be the first to hear exciting announcements and see sneak peaks from the many worlds of Disney- and relive your favorite memories with behind-the-scenes stories, special guests, and so much more at this fan-favorite event!”

Destination D23: A Fan-tastic Disney Celebration will be held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort from November 19th-21st, 2021. This event will coincide with Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The event is sold out. However, general members and other fans can still enjoy select events. D23 is providing free access to select events through live streaming. You can tune in to a lot of the fun from your own home. See the full schedule HERE.

What About Bob?

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When this event was first announced Disney CEO Bob Chapek was announced to be in attendance for the official welcome. As we shared earlier today, Bob Chapek’s name has now been removed from the lineup.

Many Disney fans speculated that this may be due to Chapek’s diminished popularity with Disney fans due to recent changes in the company. This was clearly speculation, but now Disney has released a statement explaining why Bob Chapek will not be in attendance.

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Disney spokeswoman, Jacquee Wahler stated, “Bob has a conflict in LA on Friday night and couldn’t make it back to Orlando on time.” This is the “official” statement from Disney, but it appears that a CEO of a company would prioritize such an important event for Guests and fans.

“Bob has a conflict in LA on Friday night and couldn’t make it back to Orlando on time.”

Disney spokeswoman, Jacquee Wahler

What do you think of this statement? Do you think Chapek’s absence could truly be caused by a scheduling conflict or due to his diminished popularity with fans? Will you be attending this D23 event in person or virtually? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. What a crock! He has his own private jet that could wisk him to both events no problem. He was on the speaker list back in July. So he had plans to attend D23, so the last minute schedule conflict is a bunch of baloney.

  2. Because he flies commercial? Riiiight. His pro place could certainly get him back from LA in time. I’m guess he and his handlers want to avoid bad press. He’s done so much to destroy so much that Walt believed in. Sad.

  3. Bob is a poor excuses for a man running a major company & all he cares about is his bonus. sounds llike the company I work for. it would be nice if we could sign a petition that would get rid of them too.

  4. Best decision he’s made. I do hope wherever he stays in LA also “Reimagined” housekeeping and changed the definition so they could day they provide it but they really don’t. Then use Covid as the excuse when they want to cut the cost of the housekeeping they outsource. He should also be forced to may 25% more put of pocket to use the services he already paid for this would be similar to the Genie + service. A great opportunity to experience his own magic if you ask me.

  5. Bob Paycheck only cares about gouging money and not the fans. Of course he realizes he isn’t popular with Disney fans and can care less about being there. He’ll need to come out of hiding sooner or later and face the music of the loyal Disney fans that want him out and express to him that he’s disliked and has ruined the magic of Disney’s name.

  6. Again, as I stated on the outdoors article about this, he’d be booed right off stage and they know it. Everyone, including other employees of the company, want him OUT. Get him out Disney, he’s ruining your name.

  7. What about Bob? An appropriate reference where Chepak should take baby steps (just as Bill Murray in the movie) for any more Disney changes.

    Maybe Chepak is germaphobic, or fanaphobic given his recent price gouging.

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