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More controversial elements are removed from Magic Kingdom

More controversial elements are removed from Magic Kingdom
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As Disney moves towards updating many attractions, some elements end up getting removed all together. Do you think Disney should leave these controversial elements or keep them as is?

Changes? Or Progress?

Breaking News: Popular Magic Kingdom Attraction Evacuated!
Credit: KtP

Disney has made many changes over the years to its attractions. Sometimes these changes do improve the attractions, and other times, the original elements get completely removed and alter the attraction forever.

Classic attractions such as Splash Mountain and The Jungle Cruise are two such attractions.

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Splash Mountain is getting a brand new re-theme and will soon be a “Princess and the Frog” attraction. Fans are torn on this big move. Many would prefer the attraction be kept as is, and many can’t wait for this welcome change.

The Jungle Cruise was also drastically altered to get a more modern update. The attraction now has a new backstory that moves more towards inclusivity and removes many controversial cultural elements from the ride.

Credit: Disney

Several years ago, Pirates of the Caribbean underwent refurbishment to drastically alter a controversial scene that was well known on the attraction.

The Redhead in the auction scene of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction will become a pirate when the scene is modified in early 2018 by the theme park. (File photo by Bruce Chambers, Orange County Register/SCNG)

The famous “redhead” that we now see as a powerful pirate auctioning off chickens used to be very different. Formerly, this scene featured men auctioning off the woman as a bride.

New changes to Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop

Credit: KtP writer Susan

Reports are circulating on social media today about more changes to “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Specifically, design elements of the gift shop are the focus.

This morning (October 22), Disney Cast Members reportedly entered the shop at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and began making some changes.

Credit: Marisol

The shackles used as props on the wooden display fixtures were apparently removed.

Could this signify future changes being made to the classic “Pirates of the Caribbean?” Only time will tell, but we will be sure to update you on any changes being made.

Do you think Disney should leave classic attractions the way they are, or should changes be made? Let us know in the comments below or on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page.

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  1. OMG it’s an amusement park, not a history lesson…
    First – it’s not as though some left wing focus group ran into Disney Corporate and said “you better change your rides or else…” The people making the noise are those against the changes. Changes that were decided by company management.
    Second – The “Walt is rolling in this grave” garbage. Let’s see… Do you think Walt would have allowed EPCOT to turn out as it did? Or let the more financially well off “jump the line” in the place that is for everyone? The man passed away before WDW opened and, therefore, had no true input into it’s outcome.
    Third – Honestly, most people don’t recognize the changes made until an article like this points them out. And kids under 5 certainly don’t care. They’re there to be amused in an AMUSEMENT PARK, not listen to mom & dad throw a fit because the wenches are gone. As I said above, it’s not a history lesson, is entertainment, just like Disney movies – Pocahontas was never in love with John Smith… Oh wait, did some of you not know that? Thank goodness Disney America never opened.
    Fourth – Back when I was a kid in the 70s, if you were over 250lbs. You’d be made fun of by the MC at the fun house. If you wore a skirt, plan to be like Marilyn when the air blows it up showing all your panties. This wasn’t at a carnival, this was at a well established amusement park. I guess it’s ok to bring those gags back because those “lefty PC people” should have left well enough alone.

    Stop the ridiculous whining. If the changes bother you that much go to 5 Flags Over Texas or 5 Flags Over Georgia instead (no more confederate flags, get it??).

  2. If you erase or alter history, then kids will have nothing to learn from. They need to be aware of these mistakes so they take them seriously and don’t repeat them. The concern lies more with the people who actively keep this type of information from them, not the ones who let them see it, interact with it, and ask questions about it.

  3. To clarify, Splash Mountain itself is a separate entity from Song of the South. Disney purposefully distanced them, and for a long time no one even knew about the movie. The ride has no negative stereotypes or anything of the sort. It is a popular ride about animals, so no reflection on human skin tone at all. The structure and suspenseful drop don’t lend themselves well to a princess and the frog ride like they are planning, so it’s about shaming an innocent ride from our childhoods and replacing it with something that we don’t trust them to make work. Princess and the Frog is welcome in the park, just in a different form. You are right that they have limited space, so we have to pick and choose what we prefer. Splash mountain is so popular that that is the better business decision, and princess and the frog would be better suited for a restaurant retheme or a live show. Splash Mountain never shut out any families, and it was always popular. Unfortunately, this is absolutely about politics.

  4. Leave everything alone! Disney is making the Parks GREY. Reverse discrimination. There’s nothing wrong with the way things have been. Too many over-sensitive people going out of their way to control everything and everybody. Disney World is being driven into the ground!

  5. First, what is so “woke” about including everyone and every family in a magical place? That’s not politics, that’s business. The person that has reservations but is considering canceling, go ahead because, no, they don’t need your money. Second, if you want “historical accuracy” go to a HISTORY place like a museum. Third, it’s actually racist to NOT include a Princess and the Frog themed ride if you want to keep one with negative stereotypes, and again,bits a business decision to exploit a popular movie themed ride, not politics. Since when is it a “family friendly” thing if it ONLY includes YOUR family. Stop being so narrow minded and selfish. There are more families than yours out there. To be plain, if Disney had the space, they could include everything old and add new, but they don’t. So it’s a business decision on what will make them the most money and offer the most “magic”. Stop whining and keep your bigotry to yourselves.

  6. I don’t care whats in the parks original themes. Its part of what Disney made in the attractions,and or movies. Just because some people are “over sensitive They don’t have to come to the parks! This was never an issue until a few years ago.. I am quite upset that people are having to back down and bend over backwards for people who are ‘over sensitive. Theres other parks out there that may suit their needs much better.Six Flags maybe or Kings Dominion, or Hershey park oh wait how about SESAME PLACE!

  7. I think we have got to stop changing things to satisfy the people that complain and stir up prejudice. I feel like it is racist to change to The Princess and the Frog.
    Why don’t we just change everything in our history and make it plain, no theme, no color nothing, let’s just become the socialist country the left wants us to be.
    I always loved going to Magic Kingdom, but it is becoming unrecognizable. Wonder what WALT DISNEY would think, to see what has become of his vision. Shame on you!!
    It’s the 50th anniversary of a wonderful family place to make memories, now they are trying to change everything that was the MAGIC. I wanted to bring my grandchildren back again , but I am slowly reconsidering. Maybe we will enjoy a couple days at Gator- land. It is becoming our new MAGIC place.

  8. The Disney CEO is ruining the parks. All he cares about is money, Disney+ and the Marvel market. Snow Whites’ wishing well was removed (next to the castle), the new rides don’t even have hidden Mickey’s and some of the old hidden Mickey’s are gone. The all powerful CEO doesn’t care about Walt’s vision, the parks or the kids.

  9. Disney is a family amusement park they should not be involved in politics just like Hollywood should not be involved in politics families go to Disney to relax you have a fun-filled vacation to enjoy family time to refresh and it is wrong that an amusement park would take political stance in One Direction and forget about the people in another Direction amusement parks family themes should not be involved in politics allow families to go there relax unwind and be away from it all that’s what Disney was meant to be and escape from everything else we have enough of it in our daily lives on the TV in the newspapers and in conversations they should just put there strength and power into making Disney a place where people can go and unwind on struggling with going to Disney now we have reservations we are considering canceling because we’re just so upset at them buying into the woke and buying into politics that’s not their place if someone is offended and they just don’t go we’re spending 7000 $10,000 at least going to Disney and if they want to lose that money that’s on them

  10. The entire ride is representative of another time. As such, historical accuracy should be maintained above political correctness.


  12. The changes have to be made. They are relics of another time. The whiny conservatives think it is political. It’s not…it’s business.

  13. I didn’t see anything wrong with the bride auction as this was a historical representation. I feel that the scene following depicting spousal abuse as way more offending yet they left that in. So can’t buy a bride but it’s ok to abuse your spouse gotcha. And for that matter the rampant depiction of alcoholism can’t be good either. So where do you draw the line?????? Again I didn’t see anything wrong with the original ride.

  14. I don’t think it is the actual change people are complaining about. I think it might be the reason given for the change that might be the problem.

  15. I understand some of the changes, albeit not removing shackles from criminals… what?! But I really hope they don’t remove the Capt Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp character from PotC. That will end my lifetime with Disney. Seriously.

  16. Well said, we are being bombarded with all this PC stuff that most people are not even aware of or care. I go to Disney because it symbolizes the happiest place on earth. Don’t ruin it

  17. Disney’s Traditional Ridea are from Themes/stories that are Classic and Wonderful for All! They are based on famous stories that teach morals and common sense lessons. So I’m all for the world learning to be kind, treating others with respect, thinking before they speak and so forth. Like Snow White: don’t talk to strangers.
    But they are also from and set in different time periods so you need to appreciate that. Who are we to reright Charles Perrault, Anderson, Dickenson, Barbot de Villeneuve, Shakespeare, Grimm Brothers, and more. In fact Disney made their stories much more palatable for kids and modern times;
    So maybe you should be thanking them for nice rides/movies/stories with morals and some history too.

  18. Disney’s Traditional Themes/Stories are Classic and Wonderful for All! They are based on famous stories that teach morals and common sense lessons. So I’m all for the world learning to be kind, treating others with respect, thinking before they speak and so forth. So if you have problems with good morals then you’ve got bigger problems…like good grammer or a basic education.

  19. About 10 years ago, I had this idea that would be really fun to add to Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Every day, a LIVE Cast Member, in costume and makeup, should be added to the “scene” IN A DIFFERENT section of the ride and visitors would then get to “search” for the live person as they floated through the ride.

  20. Disney has always made changes. If they always stayed the same we would’ve missed out on some great innovations.

    Times change, social norms change, and the next generation of Disney goers will enjoy these changes and make great memories. I look forward to telling my young kids about how Disney was when I was their age; just like my parents would reminisce about the Disney they grew up with.

    I think we just communicate too much now with social platforms and things that should be innocuous theme park changes become personal.

    The heart of Disney will remain the same. Beautiful gardens, sweet smells, too many strollers, and overpriced churros. I plan on enjoying every minute!

  21. I think instead of “fixing” the rides, they should consider putting more shaded areas for people to sit and rest. Have you ever been any Disney Parks in FL during the summer and early fall months?

  22. There’s a difference between accepting history and celebrating it. Pirates have also been rewritten as the murderous bunch we know. In reality most were just free men wanting to not pay the tax or regulations the British navy were forcing on trade routes. So a ride can be fun and exciting, without the need to celebrate a ghastly event such as the auctioning of wenches for marriage. It’s still a fun rife, and now I don’t need to explain to my 6 year old why someone was being sold or have him think wench is a fun word to say at the most inopportune time. Not everything is some cancel culture agenda. Sometimes it just takes a fresh look at something to go “you know that seems kinda wrong when you think about it”

  23. I still don’t like the idea of splash mountain becoming a princess and the frog ride. Not because splash mountain shouldn’t be changed, but because that move makes little sense. The better choice would have been to rebrand as a Pocahontas ride. It would have fit much better with the frontierland theme than a Louisiana bayou. The ride would not need a redesign of the log fumes either. A willow tree talking to you, on the ride while you explore what’s just beyond the Riverbend. Honestly would have been the best thing they could have done. And would have added some cultural inclusion as well.


    Pretending that Piracy, slavery, sex trade, human bondage, sexism, racism did not happen is BS. It is happening right now in THIS country and MANY others. Making the subject matter (HISTORY) more interesting and exciting for very young CHILDREN, while NOT BORING ADULTS TO DEATH was ALWAYS the motivation behind the (pirates & splash mountain) ride. BY THE WAY, unless someone told you about the movie Splash is based on, YOU would have never known. As the ride has never carried the racial overtones of the movie. YOU haven’t seen the movie which featured an extraordinarily talented black man (most under 50 have never seen it, as Disney banned in like ’72) but you believe what you are told to and accept it, as fact. You pass judgement not based on real facts or personal experience but by what a very small, invested, ignorant group that tells you what to believe.

    SLAVERY DID happen. Pretending or not acknowledging that fact makes you look like ignorant fools. Good people died fighting to end it as well as defend their states rights from what they saw as a tyrannical federal government. Hundreds of thousands of good Americans died for the blacks in this country to be able to MAKE a life for THEMSELVES, free from bondage. Reminding ourselves of that fact ensures we humans never allow it to happen again to ANY race, religion, creed, etc. Until VERY recently the norms of the time were drastically different than they are now. Pretending they were not or were somehow abhorrent to today’s sensibilities, is beyond ignorant. Yesterday CAN NOT kill you, Today. Get over your sensitivities, learn from ALL Humans past mistakes OR NEVER move forward/evolve as a species.

    Disney should be fun, accessible, safe, and enjoyable for everyone and as the designers also imagined, a place of exploration for CHILDREN, to incite curiosity in a multitude of subjects, enough for them to ask questions of supposed intelligent literate adults. It should have never become the LEFTIST OCCULTs TWISTED take on facts, history, religion, science, sex or reality. Depicting facts, reality, truth and history, on the simpilist minute level even small children can understand or interpret is NOT crimjnal. Blaming ANY human for what some other person did/did not do is complete lunacy, LET ALONE blaming ANYONE ALIVE today for what some guy 250 years ago or MORE did, ridiculous. JMHO.

  25. They aren’t changing for racism or sexism. If they cared about inclusion then they would stop bending people over any way they can. It’s all virture signaling. In the process they are fundamental changing classic attractions. And pushing their main fan base away. The almost every change they have made in the last few years have made no sense and are widely disliked. And anyone who’s say splash mountain or even the song of the south is racist, simply doesn’t know their history. I would venture that most people that are offended by song of rhe south has never even seen the movie. Is a heart warming story of a former slave teaching a young boy life lesson through folk tales.

  26. There is only racism on a Disney theme park ride if your racist. Some people see racism whenever thier eyes look in this world. Their souls are dark.

  27. Maybe they are just getting refurbished like literally every inch of the park right now. When the masks and shields were removed from the Adventureland bridge about two months ago it was reported it was done due to cultural sensitivity and the same crazy rants ensued. Nope, just got repainted and they are back. Tbh if no one told you in this article that the shackles were gone would you have even noticed? Nah, you wouldn’t have noticed or cared.

  28. Imagine being so angry about changes at a theme park. . If the racism and sexism is what made the ride enjoyable for you, than you have a bigger problem than the theming at Disney.

  29. Everything is horrible what is happening!!! This is just so stupid!!! I want my real Disney that I’ve been to 27 times!!!

  30. Disney has shackles in like 7 or 8 of their most classic animated films. lol
    Robin hood, Peter pan, Dumbo, Beauty and the beast, and Aladdin… Just off the top of my head.

  31. And disney is oblivious to the fact that the most inappropriate thing about pirates is that they were the most vile and murderous humans. After glorifying them with a whole serious of movies they will worry that the chickens are nit cage free. They got rid of shrunken heads on jungle cruise because they were culturally inappropriate. They are replacing splash mountain with theming based on a movie featuring singing shrunken heads. Those expensive light sabers they sell were used to hack up a bunch of younglings. They need to be banned.

  32. I am disgusted that Disney and other major companies thatbow to the cry babies. They are few and we are many, but they can actually rewrite history because they’re offended and all we do is complain about them. There are lawyers and the news service that will jump on the bandwagon for them. We are boring and the News doesn’t care about us nor do politicians.
    Disney is a place to unwind and get away from the real world. Disney is a place of fun and fantasy and The cry babies want to destroy it.
    I would like to tell the cry babies where to go but that’s not politically correct.

  33. That’s a strange take. People don’t learn from rides and if they are, it needs to stop. Boat rides shouldn’t be a teaching moment.

    You’re right about one thing though, piracy is okay.

  34. First I still have Pirates “we wants the redhead” tshirt and wear it in public. Making things pc/woke/DJ is just making things seem ok to do. Pirates use to have a lot of good things to learn from now it is just a mediocre ride with no lessons other than piracy is ok. As for jungle cruise the latest changes ignores life. We remove the African that is making money from selling items to dumb tourist is an insult. Many of these things being offensive to a small sect is more truth in them than these people understand. I think the most offensive thing at Disney is the costs and decreasing of quality for what they charge.

  35. It’s just an old ride at Disney. Yeah, I enjoyed this ride myself in the 70s but come on people. Try to keep some perspective in life. The stuff the “FOX News” crowd gets all upset about is ridiculous beyond belief. These people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t have something to gripe about. Go play golf or bingo or spend time with your grandkids. Something less confrontational.

  36. Fixed it for you:
    I am sick of people whinning and crying over change. Suck it up and get over it. No matter whether you like it or not change happens. DEAL WITH IT. STOP BEING SUCH SPOILED BABIES. There are things in life people don’t like but things change. Grow up and get on with the future.

  37. So many commenters whining and complaining about others whining and complaining…the irony is overwhelming!

    90% of the comments are essentially, “I’m old and change scares me!” I bet these are the same people that cut in line or abuse cast members. You don’t like Disney any more? Good – stay away. Disney doesn’t need you. Take your sorry schtick to Six Flags.

  38. Honestly, do people really pay that close attention to these things at an amusement park?? And if they do, perhaps amusement parks aren’t for them!! Disney didn’t have a problem making their fortune with these fantasy characters!! It’s FANTASY, not real, not ment to be real, but strictly for entertainment!!! This country has lost it’s collective minds!!!

  39. I think they should leave these attractions The Way They Were. They’re letting a few people tell them what to do and what they like and don’t like. This woke culture has to go. If they don’t like what’s at Disneyland Walt Disney World any Disney park they don’t have to go. I think they should leave Splash Mountain alone I also think they should put Pirates of the Caribbean back the way it was before. I do not like red at all. She is a bad idea. It was one of the last attractions Walt Disney worked on and should be left alone. The Captain Jack Sparrow stuff is okay. But the new auctioneering scene has to be put back the way it was. Splash Mountain has no references whatsoever 2 Song of the South other than the music and characters from The Animated sequence in that film. Again little letting a few people dictate to Disney what they want them to do about it again I say let it leave it alone. If they don’t like it they don’t have to come to the park or they don’t have to ride it at all. Far as a jungle cruise again I don’t like what they did if it offends a small group of people they don’t have to write it. It is a opening day attraction and should be left alone. If Walt was here all these people would be fired. He did like anybody messing with his Park. Again if this small group of people but don’t like the attractions that offend them they don’t have to to ride them or they don’t have to come to the park at all. Being an Ex imagineer and also an ride maintenance cast member. I have unique perspective on the subject. I restate I don’t think Disney should but a small group of people dictate to them what they should do in their parks.

  40. The only thing I’d like to see the cancel culture get rid of is the woke puppets running the show at Disney! Leave the parks alone!

  41. When history is removed from displays, then nobody will ever remember what it really was like back in the day to question these events and learn from them when moving forward. OUT OF SITE, OUT OF MIND.

  42. My first thought was “of course Disney should continue to update attractions!” Why not re theme SOME of the rides to align more with current times and movies. It’s usually called progress. Then I read these comments… I wonder if the folks here that are concerned about erasing or re writing history are also those that don’t actually want to have children learn about the same history they are tying to protect? I am an avid Disney fan and do not consider myself to be ‘woke’ or PC. Just making an observation.

  43. Leave as is. History is the past which we cannot and should not change. We can grow from it and not repeat things but history is how we came about

  44. What do I think I’ll tell you. I am sick of people whinning and crying over our history. Suck it up and get over it. No matter whether you like it or not its history, it happened. DEAL WITH IT. STOP BEING SUCH SPOILED BABIES. There are things in life people don’t like but its history done over with. Grow up and get on with the future. And hopefully everyone has learned from the past.

  45. I totally agree with AMY. IS DISNEY TRYING TO CHANGE HISTORY, I am in a wheelchair and do not like the limited number of accessible attractions does that mean Disney will add more accessible attractions?

  46. Oh please The only thing that needs to be removed is woke Chapek and all his puppet masters. No one is picketing and protesting outside Disney and championing for this PC, history erasing, CCP agenda gutting of Disney and history.

  47. I was just at WDW and noticed that there isn’t hardly any Pirate stuff in the gift shop there at POTC. Disney needs to stop being so woke. They are ruining everything. It’s all gone too far.

  48. I hate the world we live in where everything offends everyone. History is history, cultures are cultures. It’s the past its OUR history for good or bad and it happened and we learned as a society for the better. So why not celebrate how far we have come by remembering how dark.some.of the past was. All a bunch of snowflakes and the problem with the children and society as a whole

  49. Everything offends everyone now days… u can’t do anything without anybody accusing you or saying you’re offending them and that’s pathetic I think it’s a good idea that there are Remodeling and taking down all the traction’s and putting up new attractions especially Splash Mountain in and turning that into a princess in the Frog attraction ride whatever they’re doing because it’s something different and it’s something for the kids and children and people is something new for them to enjoy and explore in all these other new attractions there putting up and out and taking out the older ones.

  50. You can change an attraction, but you cannot change history. Or is the world going to start rewriting history books? It is what it was, and no amount of change can alter the facts.

  51. Okay let’s talk about pirates……..if we are going to politically correct then shut it down completely and don’t ever show any of the movies again……right? Pirates in history are awful people who pillage and attack……..why do we honor them with this attraction? Why because it is also fun and silly and yet disney feels they have to re-write history………women were auctioned off yet recently that was no longer acceptable in the land of disney…….now the shackles …….what’s next? Yo ho, it be strange times we be living in

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