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Pirates of the Caribbean closing for refurbishment early 2018

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A while back Disney posted that they will be changing the Redhead scene from a scene of buying a bride to a scene of a powerful female red-headed pirate.  It didn’t go over very well with many fans.  Well, it’s going to happen in early 2018.

From February 26 through March 18, 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed for refurbishment to add this new, controversial scene.  The scene debuted in Paris a while back and will be here in Spring 2018.

We wants the…chickens? Pirates of the Caribbean to undergo a major change

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  1. Saw on a YouTube video someone posted a reply from a Disney cast member stating DL’s Pirates would be closed April 23-May 24. Looked pretty official, so here’s hoping. :-)

  2. I don’t think them changing it to the redhead holding a tone of firearms is gona be better at all why don’t they just make her a kick butt pirate with just a sword …

  3. Kenny, will you update if there’s a chance on the ride having an early soft opening? We will be there the week before it opens and are so bummed we will miss it

  4. I am far, far, far more offended by the guns and the blatant degrading and disrespect toward men that is being flouted in this new scene than I was with the original, classic scene. People seriously need to get over themselves and start making their “safe spaces” in their own homes rather than forcing other people to live a sanitized life that is beyond absurd. This coming from a redheaded woman who loved the auction scene who also happens to be a liberal, a vegan, and a person with Asperger’s who actually needs quiet spaces. You know what I do when something makes me uncomfortable? I don’t go. (RIP Hall of Presidents) It’s not my job to inflict my beliefs or my own delicate frame of mind on other people. So tired of the whiners.

  5. Pirates are supposed to have guns, and canons, and swords, and knives… Because they are PIRATES! And it is clear that these ones are from hundred of years ago… Degrading women is another thing! Pirates also raped women so why not show that if it’s supposed to be so real…

  6. Certainly NOT! With all the senseless shootings happening on an almost daily basis, this is a worse idea than the redhead being auctioned off.

  7. Human trafficking is real enough; it still is happening, all over the world, every day. As one fan to another, I thank you for an open mind.

  8. Very glad to hear the change will finally be coming to WDW. I’m as nostalgic as the next Disney fan, but human trafficking is no subject for humor, never mind a family-friendly ride.

  9. So sick of the politicaly correct thing. There is no common sense anymore. This attracton is suppose to show how things were in the days of the pirate. You can’t change what happened years ago. I am a woman and am not offended by this attraction. People really need to get a grip.

  10. looks as though is Disney is trying to make pirates look like good abiding citizens now. Disney , hurry up with the Hall of Presidents!!!

  11. Hello Kenny! I used to be against the change but I’ve reconsidered after hearing from women friends who all said that they were uncomfortable with this scene of a woman being sold at auction… why not change it then? Anyway, it’s not like the ride is based on historical veracity to start with…

  12. At least I’ll get to see it one more time before they destroy it. Saw video recently of Walt talking about the ride when they were building it at Disneyland and he specifically mentioned that scene.

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