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We wants the…chickens? Pirates of the Caribbean to undergo a major change

We wants the...chickens Pirates of the Caribbean to undergo a major change

Disney Parks revealed plans today for a major change to the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions in Disneyland and Walt Disney World involving the famous red head and chickens.  Yes, you read that correctly, chickens.

In a move that might you say Heihei, stop!  Disney Parks announced today that the Pirates of the Caribbean will undergo a major scene change.

The famous Wench Auction scene will become a chicken auction.  Yes, a chicken auction.  The world famous red head that every pirate is hoping to bid for (even though she wasn’t being auctioned) will become a pirate herself.  Of course, it should be seen as odd in 2017 that she is given more than one gun too, right?

New Pirates Set to Join the Crew of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris July 24

Instead of auctioning off women, the auctioneer will offer up guns, paintings, sheep, and chickens.  Why would pirates be selling guns?  Wouldn’t they keep those?  Does “We wants the red head” remain as someone wanting to by a chicken?

It’s not April fools folks.  We could wish that if we all said Hey, Hey, Stop! this idea would hit the cutting room floor.  The change is scheduled to take place in a 2018 refurbishment.


  1. We always do Disney World but this year we’re taking a quick trip to Disneyland. Our trip is 5-18 to 5-21. We have reservations at Blue Bayou on the 21st. I’m bitting my nails about the reopening date. Will they update any changes?

  2. I was there on 1/30 and 1/31 and the scene was still there. 2/27 and 2/28 we were there and it was closed and they were supposed to close 2/26 but closed 2/25. I asked. That shuttered thousands of people that planned on seeing it on that day I’m sure of it. They usually stick to the plan. Like Cinderella’s royal table, was to close 2/28-3/2 and they did just that. We were the last reservation on 2/27 and left there at 11:15 and as we were escorted out the door and the man told me they were getting new carpet and chairs. So I guess I could say I was the last to eat there before the change. So Disney stuck to that and sure enough 2/28 night they sure did have the doors shuttered and benches around door, kind of eerie. I like this site it’s awesome reading!

  3. How firm is the reopening on March 18th in Disneyworld??? We’re going there on the 22nd and I’ve never been on that ride!!

  4. It’s a ride. A vision. A story. A fantasy. No diffeent than a scene in a movie. It’s not a corporate policy statement. Try not to take it as such.

  5. If you haven’t noticed, corporate Disney is bowing to PC; in this case, appeasing those who want headstrong, independent, macho-women to disrespect father figures and show how equal they are in many tasks. No problem with recognizing females with incredible mastery in many categories, such as fighter and airline pilots, corporate leaders, and other mentally-tough challenges. However, it is disheartening to see headstrong daughters disrespecting their fathers/parents in Disney films, such as Ariel, Pocahontas, Moana, Merida (Brave), Princess Jasmine (Aladdin), Mulan, and (borderline) Judy Hopps (Zootopia). In fairness, some of the sons in D-pics also display anti-authoritarian characters as well (but that’s another subject). No doubt, there are many fathers who are woefully wanting in abilities to raise daughters (and sons) properly, like teaching them how to respect themselves and others, lead productive lives, and become competent wives and mothers, capable of raising their own children with love, strength, and wise counsel. Thus, it should be no surprise to see Disney being culturally sensitive by displaying pirate women pointing swords, instead of being intimidated by them. So, to all daughters, sing the pirate song and drink up me ladies, ho-ho.

  6. Leave it alone!!
    Next Mickey is going to get accused of miscounduct against Minnie.
    Invest in upgrading the experience of the entire park.
    The cardboard cutout characters in the newer attractions are ridiculous.
    More like a corporate greed!!
    Walt Disney would be dissatisfied.

  7. Right! Why would you want to ride a pirate ride where pirates were depicted!? Shame on Disney for designing their rides thematically. I would much rather ride a chicken auction ride, wouldn’t you?
    Shame shame shame.

  8. Does anyone know if Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland is getting a refurbishment at the same time as the one at Disney World? February 26th through March sometime.

  9. Oh, my goodness! I don’t want my children emulating pirates anyway. What’s this silliness? Why would you change a pirate to a Strong Female Character? Do you want girls wanting to grow up to be one who pillages and plunders? The pirates are the bad guys! Hello! Let them be bad!

    • There were female pirates though. Anne Bonny was a pirate for example. Not saying that they are good role models, but female pirates did exist. Some kids play heroes, some play bad guys, some play both.

  10. I have always been uncomfortable w the pirates chasing the women and the auction of women in this ride. Thanks Disney. It’s not about “Not being able to take a joke”. I don’t go to Disney to see a cleverly concepted historical look at Sex trafficking. Then told to “get over it” and “have a little fun” when someone realizes I am uncomfortable w it.

  11. Then the newbies here should also respect what they came here for, not try to change it back to what they left. People today are certainly NOT respectful. Leave the ride as is… better yet, return it to what Mr. Disney had intended!

  12. I totally agree with you, Herman! They should have left the ride the way it was in the beginning… Kids today see more ridiculous, as well as terrifying things just on the news. I’m not at all a fan of “political correctness.” This is life, tough it up! Chickens? Give us a break! How about asking the people in line at the Pirates ride what they think before they start making idiotic changes? Let’s put on our big boy pants and leave well enough alone.

  13. Disney has lost its way totally…..all their recent films depict “strong” female characters with submissive male support acts, and now this!! I’m all for equality….but please let’s lighten up Disney?!!

  14. Yikes! – based on the comments of people that think this is a GOOD change – the pirate ride itself should close. Aren’t we showcasing ‘theives & murderers’
    While this ride was before the movies, I think that many people now are going to associate it with them more than anything else. If there was an auction in one of the movies like this – would people be saying it had no place in a Disney movie – movies that while fun are meant to take place in a specific time-period and what happened in that time period is history!
    Also – did the sceane really ‘showcase’ or ‘advicate’ this or was it just one more element in a ride that does try to show a timeperiod in history.

  15. Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
    George Santayana

    If we keep whitewashing the struggles of the past that brought us to the place, we forget how far we have come. Just saying – vicki

  16. With all the politically correct changes being made in his world today, and most are just crazy, I wonder when they will start to burn the books.

  17. I think this is just ridiculous. Disney needs to leave this ride alone. People who don’t like it can just stay off the ride.

  18. I’m not really a pirates fan but I agree with the comments. I’ve never ridden it before and I planned on it so I hope the refurbishment isn’t during my August stay next year!

  19. I have to echo some of the other comments here. You lose some of the historical accuracy when you succumb to the environment of the day. The ride only still exists because of its historical significance and what an amazing feat of Imagineering it was, and still is. “Shift your cargo, dearie, show ’em yer larboard side…no need to expose your superstructure.” Aargh, those lines are just classic!

    I’m all for women’s rights, but come on. Does anyone really ride this ride and think, “Wow, Disney is such a bunch of sexist backwater savages”?

    You may not remember a few years back when the chasing scenes were re-done. Originally, the pirates were chasing the women (presumably to catch them for the auction), and it was changed to the women chasing the pirates with brooms and the like. I’m surprised there wasn’t similar outrage that the women were carrying brooms.

  20. As a redhead I am pissed! I absolutely LOVE that part! Who would be offended by that? U need to go somewhere else! That’s ridiculous as its all in fun! Please LEAVE it as is!!!!!

  21. History is history!! Some things should just be left alone. People from all parts of the world have Road these two rides for decades. Only a select few have been offended in all these years. We can’t change history. It’s harmless and doesn’t have a political stance behind it. Gee whiz just leave it alone!!

  22. That’s so exciting! Thanks so much for reporting this, even though you don’t seem too keen on the change. I think it’s nice that Disney no longer wants to showcase people being auctioned off for sex/marriage.

    Based on your use of ‘politically correct’, it seems you don’t seem too keen on the concept. If it helps, sometimes changing the language from ‘politically correct’ to ‘more respectful’, makes it easier to understand why someone would be very happy about efforts made to make people feel comfortable/respected.

    • It wasn’t intended to have occured in 2017. It has a historical bias of what would have occured during it’s own time frame. I’m very respectful of women and do not support slavery in any form, but it was intended to demonstrate what took place at the time. There is no historical reference for pirates selling guns, sheep and chickens at auction. I do think the redhead looks pretty great as a pirate, but the rest of the scene is just odd.

  23. Pirates by their very nature are thieves and murderers. You can’t dumb it down too much with this political correctness garbage.

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