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Changes to the Individual Lightning Lane Refund Policy

Changes to the Individual Lightning Lane Refund Policy

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A Disney spokesperson clarified the Individual Lightning Lane refund policy in the Orlando Sentinel. Read on for details.

The Orlando Sentinel reports a clarification to the official policy for refunds related to ride closures. The unnamed spokesperson claims the language surrounding refunds for Individual Lightning Lanes doesn’t tell the full story. Perhaps the Individual Lightning Lanes are more flexible than they sound?

Individual Lightning Lane Purchases

Credit: KtP

Individual Lightning Lane purchases can be made for the 2 headlining rides at each park. These are the rides where access to lightning lane costs are listed separately from Genie+. See first day pricing here for these Individual Lightning Lane Selections (or ILLS as we sometimes call them).

Officially, Individual Lightning Lanes are non refundable and can’t be modified.

Some guests feel the inflexibility makes them hesitant to purchase. What if their child doesn’t end up riding? What if their lunch takes too long or the monorail breaks down?

Softer Refund Policy?

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

However, the Sentinel’s anonymous source claims that if a ride goes down for the rest of the day, the system will issue an automatic refund for the Individual Lightning Lane Selection.

That seems reasonable, if you don’t get a chance to ride it through no fault of your own, a refund makes sense.

What if the ride breaks down and your party needs to leave the park? Or another unique circumstance arises? Well, the source stated that you should see guest relations for a refund.

It’s not immediately clear why the source wished to remain anonymous.

Will your family purchase Genie Plus or Individual Lightning Lanes on your next Disney vacation? Which rides do you think it’s worth it for? Let us know in the comments

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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Ryan Copeland

Sunday 24th of October 2021

I read that some rides were loading the standby faster than the LLs or that the return times were well after the standby lines (a standby line was 15 minutes and the LL return time was like an hour later than that)


Friday 22nd of October 2021

These extra charges are ridiculous. We pay enough just to get into Disney. Then to make sure you get to ride the tides you want too, thats extra Plus food and drinks, maybe a souvenir or too. That really addes up. Bring back fast passes with more per person per day. Maybe that would work out better. But so much money after you get into the parks. its just too much. You add to the cost or plane fare. Or driving, plus gas or rental cars. That can really put Disney out of the ball park. There are only two of us, but so we may not buy this extra add on. I know Disney lost alot if money but. So has everyone else. People have lost their jobs and homes health insurance etc. Yes ,they are trying to stay in business , while we are just trying to survive. Please Disney have heart.


Thursday 21st of October 2021

Currently I am afraid to purchase individual LL. Am afraid I will lose my money. Also afraid to purchase Genie+ as not tested enough to be worth my while. Will LL be as long as stand by and will I even be able to get anything I want at a time I want. It really annoys me to have to pay money over and above the $137 per day for a ticket for 5 people!

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