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More Splash Mountain Elements Removed from the Magic Kingdom

More Splash Mountain Elements Removed from the Magic Kingdom

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Disney is preparing for the closure of Splash Mountain and opening of a brand new Princess and the Frog attraction. To prepare for this reimagining, more elements have been removed.

Splash Mountain Retheme

Credit: KtP writer Susan

Back in June of last year, Disney announced that a major reimagining of Splash Mountain would happen. This attraction, based on the controversial 1946 film “Song Of the South,” has been a fan favorite since it debuted in 1989.

The attraction will begin where the film leaves off; with the final kiss.  We’ll join Princess Tiana and her trumpet playing alligator friend Louis “on a musical adventure.”

Credit: Disney

Disney recently shared that this process will take some time, but they are making great progress on music, characters, and stories. You can read that interview HERE.

They also shared some new artwork for the attraction! In the concept art, you can see Tiana, Naveen, and Louis in their boats traveling along the bayou. It definitely looks like this will be an easy transition with what is currently Splash Mountain with the various scenes and drops.

Elements Removed

Brer Rabbit in Castle Hub at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World l
Credit: KtP

While Disney has kept many of the details under wraps, they have slowly been preparing Magic Kingdom for the transition.

Disney has recently removed the song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” from the Magic Kingdom welcome show. 

Credit: Ashley

Additionally, the bronze Br’er Rabbit statue has been removed from the Hub. In case you have never noticed before, there are little character statues scattered around.

Characters like Mickey, Pinocchio, Goofy, Pluto, and more greet Guests as they head on to the next attraction.

Credit: KtP

The Br’er Rabbit statue has been removed from the Hub.

Will Princess Tiana take the place of Br’er Rabbit in the Hub? What do you think Splash Mountain will close forever? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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Eric W Muise

Monday 6th of September 2021

The haunted mansion movie was released decades after the ride debut. The point is, the rides spawned movie ideas, now it is the other way around.


Sunday 5th of September 2021

I think it’s just a ride I’ve been on it more then I can Count and not once did I see a bunch of animals playing around or the song racist and because they are doing the I have been watching a lot of Disney movies from now to back then there is a lot of wrong things in every one of them new and old so if you’re going to change one ride then you should change them all because even Princess and the frog has something wrong with it all the Disney movies push a lot of boundaries


Saturday 4th of September 2021

The animated characters were in SOTS.

But the characters are disneyfied versions of characters from a tradional African folktale. Just like characters in European folktales - cinderella, etc.

There are no other elements from SOTS. The ride is based on the pure African story.

So basically a ride that celebrates African culture is racist simply because they existed in a movie with Uncle Remus. It shows how people are lemmings.

Aspen Shepard (@AspenShepard)

Saturday 4th of September 2021

I disagree. My kids love the ride and the movie. They also love watching the Disney video of song of the south sing along. Little kids love the cute characters that are shown throughout the ride. Movies come and go. Disney doesn't need to continually change their rides for movie themes. The princess in the frog movie isn't even that popular with little kids. Its an old movie now. They would be better off keeping it like it is or updating it to a new more popular character. How many kids do you see dressed as Tianna at Disney? They all pick Little Mermaid, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. I rarely see Tianna or some of the other ones.


Friday 3rd of September 2021

Thank you for reminding me why won't be taking my kids to WOKE Disney anymore.

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