Home Disney News Disney removes popular shows from its website. Are they closed forever?

Disney removes popular shows from its website. Are they closed forever?

Disney removes popular shows from its website. Are they closed forever?
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Entertainment has been one of the last pieces of the reopening puzzle at Disney World. We miss our shows, parades, and characters! While Disney has brought back many shows already, a few appear to be on the chopping block.

Disney Entertainment

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It was a long several months without fireworks, shows, and parades. Disney slowly began bringing back entertainment like Frozen Singalong, Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage, and a Celebration of Festival of the Lion King.

Fireworks returned in July, and we will have our first full parade at Christmastime! Yehaa Bob is coming back soon as well.

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These special experiences are part of what separates Disney World from other theme parks. We understand the need for the temporary changes, but it has also presented Disney the opportunity to change things. The changes in FastPass, extended theme park hours, and Annual Pass program are all a result of Disney making decisions and using the pandemic for timing.

It looks like Disney may have also made the decision to cut a few shows from the theme parks.

Attraction Schedule

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On the “Things to do” drop down menu on the Disney World website, you can see “attractions” under the “activities” heading. From there, you can find a full list of attractions – both available and unavailable.

The first section shows all the attractions that are currently open along with hours and showtimes. Thankfully, this section has gotten longer as Disney brings back many of the things we love.

The next section shows what is closed for refurbishment followed by attractions that do not have a schedule available. These are all closed attractions like Enchanted Tales with Belle and Canada Far and Wide (currently being used for Food & Wine).

Closing for good?

Three shows have been removed from the list of attractions on the Disney World website.

Finding Nemo: The Musical, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid are nowhere to be found on this entire list – not even the closed list!

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It’s been about a year since we reported Voyage of the Little Mermaid was likely on the chopping block. However, most other stage shows have returned in recent months.

I also think it’s worth noting that if you search for these shows, you will still find the page for each one, but ONLY if you search google! Nothing will pop up if you use the Disney World website search bar.

Photo: Disney

It makes us wonder if these shows will no longer be offered. And if so, what will take their place?

Do you think these shows are closed for good? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


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