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This Hollywood Studios Attraction may be Closed Forever

This Hollywood Studios Attraction may be Closed Forever

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It looks as if we may no longer be able to experience one of Hollywood Studio’s most nostalgic attractions. Full details below.

Reopening Changes at Disney World

When Disney World reopened, almost every aspect of the park experience was changed. Character meet and greets disappeared, FastPasses vanished, and social distancing and masks became the norm.

Not only that, but stage shows have not returned to the parks yet either. Due to the ongoing battle between the Actor’s Equity Association and Disney, performers have not been called back to work.

However, some shows have been modified like UP! A Great Bird Adventure or the Disney Junior Play and Dance. Other shows, like the Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage have been temporarily replaced with other entertainment.

It appears as if Disney is taking this opportunity to permanently close one of the shows we love.

Hollywood Studios

After being opened for over 30 years as an attraction at Hollywood Studios, Voyage of the Little Mermaid did not reopen with the park.

Additionally, there were no clear markings of social distancing on the ground outside of the attraction. Many wondered if this was the end of the sea for this particular attraction.

Recently, the show’s billboard has been removed from the side of the theater. The theater is located inside the Animation Courtyard.

As on now, all that shows on the facade is the metal framework that once held the billboard.

Additionally, we have not heard an official announcement from Disney regarding its rumored permanent closure.

Longtime Rumors of Closure

In fact, there has been long anticipation and rumors of the attraction closing well before the pandemic began.

Back in July of 2015, our very own Kenny covered this rumor. The removal of the billboard seems to solidify the rumor even more.

About the Attraction

The attraction itself runs at 17 minutes in length and relives the story of the animated film, “The Little Mermaid.” It is a live action musical filled with Ariel and puppetry.

I will never forget the first time that I experienced the attraction when we first visited Hollywood Studios back in 2015.

I could not stop giggling when it began to “rain” on the audience. that was something i not expecting it at all!

My husband, on the other hand, has always preferred this attraction in the same way that he appreciates the Tiki Room over at Magic Kingdom. He is able to get in a quick nap in a nicely air conditioned room!

Take a look at some other attractions that are perfect for naps!

I also have to admit that there have been a couple of times where there was a malfunction at the end of the show particularly with Ariel and her magical fin. Then, the show quickly went to curtain call.

If this attraction has permanently closed, I will be very sad. I do have to agree that it does show its age, but it is also an attraction that will be missed.

What are your thoughts? Would you be sad if the attraction permanently closed? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

-Marisol White

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Saturday 12th of September 2020

I sympathize. I missed out when my daughter took the grandkids for the first time because I worried about what we could all do together and keeping up with them. I’d still like to take them. It’s so much more fun experiencing it thru their eyes. Then I start feeling guilty about spending that much money when I’m not all that sure that I personally will get my monies worth out of it. Lastly, besides attractions, is wheel chair availability . I should double check this in case they’ve changed procedures, but when last I was there it was first come first served on rentals. I’m hoping they’ve changed to reservations, at least on electric wheel chairs cause that’s the only way it would physically work for me/us. It would be a major hassle to get there and have no access on a busy day. Especially with kids in tow


Thursday 10th of September 2020

I must be weird. All of these attraction changes don't bother me. Sure there are some I would miss, but to me the attractions themselves were never the draw. I go because I enjoy the feeling of being in the park. And nothing beats the experience of seeing my kids reaction to something new at a Disney park.

I for one look forward to the attractions changing. But then again, I go a lot so it's always fun to see something new.


Thursday 10th of September 2020

There must be a way for the imagineers to update these older, well loved attractions. Like many here have said, not all of disney park goers can ride more thrilling rides, or shows like the Star Wars ride/show. And after all, Disney was started as a park for families/people of all ages. I would hope they keep that in mind going forward. You can keep the old and incorporate the new.


Wednesday 9th of September 2020

Dee, this is not a ride, this is a show.


Wednesday 9th of September 2020

Out with some of the old and outdated for what is new and flashier. Just like many other attractions. The tomorrowland Speedway has to go as well.

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