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Is the Reopening of this Disney World Resort Delayed?

Is the Reopening of this Disney World Resort Delayed?
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There are a few resorts that are set to reopen this fall. However, one resort’s reopening may actually be delayed.

Reopening Resorts

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All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, Port Orleans Riverside, and Port Orleans French Quarter are all set to reopen this fall.

All-Star Music resort reopens on September 16. Port Orleans Riverside will welcome Guests again on October 14 with Port Orleans French Quarter not too far behind on October 28.

Finally, All-Star Sports will reopen on December 9. Booking for all four resorts will began on July 8.

Plummeting Attendance

July 2020 in Fantasyland. Credit: Kenny

Could these resorts have a delayed reopening based on attendance? After July and early August crowds returned home, crowds dropped drastically. In fact, Rise of the Resistance boarding groups were available for several HOURS a few days last week! That’s unheard of.

Many popular attractions are seeing the lowest waits since earlier this year. It’s not uncommon for late August and September to be a great time to visit. However, the photos I have seen of the parks lately remind me of the reopening of Disney World last July.

Credit: Jamie F

Many people are canceling their vacations due to the pandemic and increase in cases. Kind of related: that may be why Disney has been selling Boo Bash tickets at the door on previously sold out nights.

The 50th anniversary is a wild card in terms of crowds. People will undoubtedly keep their reservations because Disney only turns 50 once. But, will it be as crowded as we think?

All-Star Music

Walt Disney World, Character Meet and Greet, Halloween, All Star Music, Chip n Dale
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The next resort to reopen this fall is All-Star Music – on September 16. Unfortunately, some guests with reservations this fall are reportedly being contacted by Disney to move to another resort.

Additionally, there is no availability for even one night until mid-December.

So I decided to chat with a Cast Member and see if they had any additional information. At first, I got the traditional “our reservations are up-to-date so if there is no availability online then there is nothing available.”

Credit: Disney

When I pressed a bit further, I got this reply:

“Disney All-Star Music is schedule to be reopened on September 16th, 2021. However, future reopening dates are subject to change and Guests’ reservations could still be modified to other Disney Resort hotels if needed.”

Is All-Star Music not reopening as planned? Could low attendance (and known staffing issues) be the reason? We will continue to keep an eye on any information that becomes available.

Do you have a reservation for All-Star Music? Have you received a call yet? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. We have reservations at ASM starting 10/6 for a family suite. I haven’t heard anything. We specifically wanted ASM for the queen beds and full fridge and kitchen area, IMO being moved to AoA would be a downgrade.

  2. Trip Advisor says they’re opening on December 29th but that may still be old info. I really wish they were more straight forward.

  3. I called Disney Travel last night. we have a Family Suite at ASM booked for mid-January. They told me that IF this happens (and they cannot confirm it, at this time) — we would be offered a Family Suite at AofA.

  4. I have not been contacted, yet. My adult daughter and I have a family suite reserved at All Star Music – FAMILY SUITE for 14 nights arriving January 15. Because we are 2 women, I am paying the extra for 2 bathrooms. Hopefully, it all works out. we have been planning for 4 years!!

  5. I just called and was told that my reservation 9/28-10/2 is not on the list of ones to be moved. When I asked how I could still have a reservation there if the resort is not opening, her response to guests being moved was probably due to a “computer glitch”, that the resort was “overbooked” and some guests had to be moved. Maybe they are only opening certain buildings at ASMu??

  6. I mean..you can still book a room at Music for our dates (9/24-9/26) so there’s definitely availability before mid-December. We have yet to be moved, as well.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Those must have popped up recently because I checked dates yesterday when I wrote this. It will be interesting to see what happens. Several comments on Facebook have said that they were contacted by Disney and moved.

    • I have a reservation there in December, and you’re right! I hope this one reopens as planned because I want to try the beignets!

  7. I have a reservation at ASM in January because I want an affordable family suite. Are they moving guests to equal or better accommodations?

    • From what I have seen, yes. You would likely get asked to move to a suite at Art of Animation. Depending on how many are in your party you may also be asked to move to a 5th sleeper at Caribbean Beach.

  8. The Governor’s ongoing nonsense with the Covid epidemic management and the fact that children under 12 remain on an unvaccinated status surely add to most folk’s who have a functioning brain having second thoughts about putting everyone at risk for a Mickey Bar!!

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