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Guests were able to ride Rise of the Resistance WITHOUT a boarding group!

Guests were able to ride Rise of the Resistance WITHOUT a boarding group!
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Disney allowed guests to ride Rise of the Resistance without a boarding group! Read the full story below.

Low Crowds

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Crowds have been ramping up for the last year with peak summer crowds hitting the parks in July. Late July was the busiest the parks have been since they reopened last summer. Wait times averaged 60-120 for headliners and up to an hour for even the less popular attractions.

However, wait times have done a complete 180 in the last few weeks. As families wrap up summer vacations and people cancel vacations due to the variant, last week was the slowest week since February.

It is an excellent time to be at Disney if you don’t mind wearing a mask indoors.

Rise of the Resistance

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Arguably, the most popular ride at Disney World is Rise of the Resistance. This immersive story-telling experience has you joining the Resistance to beat the First Order.

Since the attraction opened in December 2019, a virtual queue has been implemented to ensure a smooth boarding process. While things were a bit bumpy in the beginning, but Disney has worked out all the kinks. You can read our full guide to securing a boarding group HERE.

Standby Line

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Because of the virtual queue, no Guest has been able to enter the attraction through a standby line. However, because of the low crowds I mentioned above, boarding groups were still available until 7 pm last night, August 15.

This is insanity! Typically distribution ends within seconds with many not being able to ride. I cannot imagine being in Hollywood Studios where the crowds are so small you can still join the virtual queue at 7 pm!

Credit: Jamie F

Due to this rare instance, Disney was allowing Guests to enter the standby line for Rise of the Resistance last night. According to theme park journalist Scott Gustin, those without a boarding group were able to enter the line at 7 pm. At 8:30 pm the ride was still a walk-on.

A. WALK. ON. (insert exploding head emoji)

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Were you at Hollywood Studios yesterday? Did you enter the attraction through standby? Share your stories with us on Facebook!


  1. “why are people not questioning this and just believing whatever they read and hear? ”

    This question is hysterically funny given the context of your entire post.

  2. I was in WDW every day for the last 2 weeks. Yes, crowds were lower last week, compared to the first week of August, but it was still plenty crowded! Although we found almost all wait times to be 15 or so minutes less than the posted time, during our entire trip.

  3. Was at the parks yesterday (not Hollywood Studios) and crowds were lighter than expected. Another reason was that the Tropical Storm was predicted and scared people away on top of other reasons listed.

  4. does everyone know there is no test for the variant? not one. zero. not even an isolate of the original covid sars-2, nothing to compare to. that’s why flu cases were 1,822 for the flu 20-21 season compared to 38,000,000 for the 19-20 season. why are people not questioning this and just believing whatever they read and hear? i’ve been to disney 4 times since 3-20 for short visits, also to obx, GA and TN…worked full time in person through the entire pandemic. it’s been wonderful not living in fear and actually living. is it real? yes covid is real, but so are all of the other dangers and illnesses humans face every day.

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