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Breaking News: Disney Updates its Indoors Mask Policy

Breaking News: Disney Updates its Indoors Mask Policy
Credit: Disney

After guidance from the CDC and local government, Disney World has updated its indoors mask policy. Here is what you need to know and when it goes into effect. Will you be keeping or canceling your trip?

New Policy

After a change in CDC guidance came earlier this week and a local state of emergency declared by the mayor, Disney is requiring face masks to be worn indoors again.

Here is the official wording:

We are adapting our health and safety guidelines based on guidance from health and government officials, and will require Cast Members and Guests ages 2 and up, to wear face coverings in all indoor locations at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort beginning Friday, July 30, regardless of vaccination status.

At Walt Disney World Resort, this includes upon entering and throughout all attractions and in enclosed transportation vehicles, including shuttles, buses, monorails and at Disney Skyliner.

Beginning July 30, everyone ages 2 and up will need to wear a mask indoors at both Disney World and Disneyland.

What do you think of this policy?

Credit: Disney

This change comes about a month and a half after Disney relaxed all social distancing and mask policies in the parks and resorts. Things started to feel more normal than they have in a long time, and this is definitely a step back.

Yesterday (July 27) saw the highest number in new cases in Orange County since the pandemic began – 1371. Vaccination rates hover around 62% and the 14-day positivity rate is 15.57%, which is 4 times higher than what it was last month.

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Orange County mayor, Jerry Demings, held a press conference earlier this week where he stated they are in “crisis mode.”

Will you be continuing on with your vacation plans or will you postpone for a future date? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


  1. They are on the RADAR!!!! YOU can’t eat or drink while walking outdoors EPCOT WAS A JOKE with the food festival!!! You have to he stationary while eating or drinking outdoors… WHAT ARE THEY DOING!! I REFUSE TO EVER RETURN IF THEY DON’T CHANGE THEIR POLICIES!!!! NO WAY!!!! OVER 100 DEGREES and they treat us worse than animals!!

  2. Could anyone who is currently visiting the parks advise how vigorously the cast members are enforcing the reinstated mask mandate? I am curious as to whether it’s a mandate on paper, or if they are being zealous about it.

  3. I am stuck going this week and can’t cancel everything. I am done with Disney after this. Been 9 yrs in a row before this and this will be our last. I love Disney or used to but there is definitely an agenda here and I am no longer going to give them my money to support whatever this is…

  4. We have 2 trips booked this year and 1 next year. We will be canceling all 3. Since there will ALWAYS be a new flu or cold virus circulating, the political beurocrats will ALWAYS be requiring masks, distancing, and lockdowns.
    I will hold on to my DVC membership for another year, hoping that sanity returns to the CDC and to our government. If not, I will sell my points (if anyone will buy them) and spend my money elsewhere.

  5. If it wasn’t for the fact that it would cost me money – and cause me lots of problems with my family – I would cancel today! But in any case, this will be my last trip to Disney for the foreseeable future. I was vaccinated for a reason and this is absolute garbage. Disney is a garbage company and they are slowly running their parks into the ground. Between their leftist politics and their diminished customer service, the magic and the joy is gone for me. Bye bye, Disney. Enjoy choking on your masks.

  6. I think it’s stupid! Let people decide if they do or don’t want to wear one! If you’re that afraid, stay home.

  7. Just postponed our trip. We were supposed to check in next week. We did it in April with masks and won’t be doing that again.

  8. No Disney for us! This mandatory crap needs to go. There will be variant after variant COVID os derived from the common cold so of course it’s going to change. Also, the vaxed people are gonna make it change quicker since it needs to adapt to it.

  9. I do not agree with Disney’s decision to go back to wearing mask. I was vaccinated so I didn’t have to wear one going forward. 95% of the new covid cases are people not vaccinated. That’s their choice and there problem not the rest of us that did what we had to for the pandemic. We are canceling our 2 week trip in October. And possibly our vacation in March 2022. I am so disappointed with Disney’s decision. We’re going to spend our vacation dollars elsewhere.


What do you think?

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