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Orange County Florida Declares New State of Emergency and Expects Disney to Require Masks Again

Orange County Florida Declares New State of Emergency and Expects Disney to Require Masks Again

Orange County Florida has declared a new state of emergency for the area. The mayor is expecting Disney and other theme parks to follow all CDC guidance. See the latest here.

Rising Cases

Orange County, Florida (and the state in general) is currently seeing a rise in positive covid cases. The county is averaging about 1,000 new cases per day which is consistent with pre-vaccination numbers.

Yesterday (July 27) saw the highest number in new cases since the pandemic began – 1371. Vaccination rates hover around 62% and the 14-day positivity rate is 15.57%, which is 4 times higher than what it was last month.

So, how is the county responding to the rise in cases? Orange County mayor, Jerry Demings, held a press conference earlier this week where he stated they are in “crisis mode.”

Demings is urging everyone to get vaccinated because the large amount of cases the county is seeing involves those who are not vaccinated. He has also been urging businesses to require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.

State of Emergency

He also mentioned that the next 24-48 hours would be critical, and we assumed we would be hearing from him again soon.

Well, just two days later, the mayor declared a local state of emergency for the county. As part of the order, Demings encourages all residents and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks indoors.

The news comes just one day after the CDC recommended all individuals wear face coverings indoors.

How will Disney respond?

At this time, there is no mandate for mask wearing or any other precautions. The state of emergency is the only new information.

However, when asked about Disney World, Mayor Demings said he expects theme parks to follow the new CDC guidelines. It’s completely possible we may see indoor mask wearing make a return to Disney World in the coming days and weeks.

Orange County mayor Jerry Demings expects Disney World and other theme parks to follow CDC recommendations and require masks indoors.

The company completely lifted all mask restrictions (except for transportation which is federally mandated) back in June when relaxed recommendations came from the CDC.

Share your thoughts with us regarding the state of emergency and the possibility of wearing masks indoors again. Comment below or on Facebook.


  1. I hope they don’t reinstate indoor masks. I received the vaccination so I would not have to wear a mask indoors. Everyone is blaming the un-vaccinated yet the government let in un-vaccinated illegals and scattered them all over the country.

  2. I agree that those that are vaccinated should not need to wear masks but I also think that they should be allowed to check vaccination status so that those who are not vaccinated can be forced to wear a mask to protect those that cannot get the vaccine (such as children under 12).

  3. “ the large amount of cases the county is seeing involves those who are not vaccinated.”

    Ok, so those that are vaccinated shouldn’t need masks.

    Maybe the government should come out and shut everything down again, including all border crossings, land, air and water so we know they’re serious.

  4. I am behind this all the way. I am fully vaccinated and understand masks are needed again to help stop the spread of this latest strain of the virus. Those not vaccinated are not getting it. They need to wake up and get vaccinated. On the news, a nurse was holding the hand of a Covid non vaccinated individual on an breathing device. He is a father to two small children. The nurse was in tears when she told him it is too late to get the vaccine. He passed away the next day. People need to wake up and get on board!!! I will still be visiting Disney World, but it will be fully masked except for eating at a social distance.

  5. Wear the mask and shut up. We would all like to have this virus done some day. But without cooperation it will not happen. This is not political. It is for humanity. Do it for your fellow man. Stop being a selfish lout.

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