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Could Disney World require face coverings again?

Could Disney World require face coverings again?
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Positive cases continue to rise in Florida, and the mayor of Orange County is trying to figure out how to get a mask mandate back in place. But will private businesses comply? Will Disney World require masks again?

Rising cases

Orange County, Florida (and the state in general) is currently seeing a rise in positive covid cases. The county is averaging about 1,000 new cases per day which is consistent with pre-vaccination numbers.

Roughly 61% of individuals in the county are vaccinated, but the 14-day rolling positivity rate is at 13.96%. Compare this to the 2.8% rate at the end of June, and a lot can change in one month.

Not only are the numbers increasing but so is ICU capacity. Right now, AdventHealth has moved to the highest red alert possible and is holding off on non-essential care as it begins to focus on the virus again.

The county’s response

So, how is the county responding to the rise in cases? Orange County mayor, Jerry Demings, held a press conference this morning where he stated they are in “crisis mode.”

Demings is urging everyone to get vaccinated because the large amount of cases the county is seeing involves those who are not vaccinated. He has also been urging businesses to require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.

The county is in “critical mode” as they decide the best course of action.

He concluded the briefing by stating that the next 24-28 hours are critical, which leads us to believe we may hear from him in the next few days about a possible mask mandate in the county again.

Will Disney World require masks again?

Would you be willing to wear masks at Disney again?

Since Disney is a private business they do not have to comply with any county mandate. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed legislation that barred counties from enforcing any mask mandate. However, Disney World can choose to require masks again.

The company completely lifted all mask restrictions (except for transportation which is federally mandated) back in June when relaxed recommendations came from the CDC.

At this time Disney World has not made any announcements regarding face coverings. We will be sure to update when/if they do.

Do you think Disney World will go back to requiring masks? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. I would be more likely to go if they reinstitute the mask mandate. My kids are not able to get vaccinated yet and I want to keep them safe.

  2. Instead of returning to mask why don’t u ask to see vaccine cards if u have a card you can be mask free give them a colored bracelet and move on. Unvaccinated wear a mask if your caught without mask have them leave park. Makes it easy to tell the honest people from the not so honest and this will also help keep under 12 safer. This way disney can continue to stay open and we can all enjoy. I mean really u goto a lot of places that stamp ur hand or put a paper band on. Stop making something so simple so difficult.

  3. The vaccine isn’t working? 99.9% of hospitalizations from covid are unvaccinated. 97-99.9% of deaths are unvaccinated. The CDC said you could still get covid with the vaccine but the symptoms would be minimal if at all

  4. Why make vaccinated people wear masks? Wear a mask if you want too and worry about yourself. I haven’t heard the CDC come out and say that the vaccine does not work, we’re sorry you got jabbed for no reason. The vaccine is working, yet some people still think vaccinated people should have to wear masks so that unvaccinated people wear them. That’s ridiculous. Nobody will stop you from wearing one or multiple masks if it helps you feel safer. If you’re still leery about going places, by all means, do whatever you need to do to make you feel safer. Don’t make others do anything to make you feel safer.

  5. Wear a mask indoors! The vaccines arent working. Sorry folks but vaccinated people are getting it as much as unvaccinated people. The shot isnt FDA approved and they know very little about it! As for flu, its nonexistent because of the mask so numbers arent wrong! We went in June and there was no social distancing and very little mask wearing. I knew it would skyrocket this summer. Disney isnt gonna be able to do a big 50th celebration without masks and social distancing. You cant force people to get a shot that isnt FDA approved so mask up!

  6. At this point most people have picked a camp. They’re either pro vaccine and have been inoculated or they are anti-vaccine and haven’t. Sadly, those that haven’t put not just themselves at risk, but those around them (like the kids under 12). The reason we have variants is because we can’t reduce the sheer amount of virus as long as it has viable hosts. And it will continue to mutate to adapt as long it has hosts. And as it mutates it puts more and more people at risk. That’s how we ended up with the Delta variant and now the lambda variant. I’ve been vaccinated. When I was vaccinated the shot was highly effective against the virus. Sadly as vaccinations lagged it gave the virus time to mutate. Now my vaccine is less effective because of those who chose to allow themselves to become hosts by not getting vaccinated. I will wear a mask. I will most likely live through this pandemic. Unlike my 21 year old daughter who died last June… don’t dismiss the risk. Don’t let others bully or shame you into not wearing a mask. You have the right to protect your health.

  7. Masks are so disease ridden you are best not to wear one. Don’t think everyone tht visits will have a fresh mask for everyday or few hours. Stop this mask madness and let’s move on with our lives! If you want to wear a mask, go ahead, just don’t tell me to wear one.

  8. Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t. Those that have the jab should have nothing to fear. Those that don’t will most likely never get it and should they get the virus they have a 99.98% recovery survival rate. The CDC just came out and said the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between the Flu and Covid so the case numbers are skewed at best. Those who want to stop living or choose to live in fear need to stay home where they can feel “safe”. Disney has never been a place for immune compromised people or the average germaphobe. Masks collects numerous extremely dangerous fungus, bacteria and other viruses and I can only imagine how much more when worn in hot, humid, sweaty conditions.

  9. I’d rather them lower capacity again than mask mandate again! But that won’t happen, cause it’s all about making $ at Disney anymore.

  10. We are considering canceling our trip at the end of October. My Son is not old enough to get the vaccine. We know that unvaccinated people are running around without mask and there is no social distancing. We are so disappointed, we had to cancel last year.

  11. Well if you do the mask thing again are we going to have fireworks and if I have a lightsaber appointment are you going to take that way? This is just pissing me off because I was hoping not to have to wear a mask again. If we put the plastic back up put some in Savi’s workshop so I can build my lightsaber this time. The only reason I was coming back so soon was because everything was getting normal. And if you close the park before I come back I better get my ticket money back.

  12. I hope masks and social distancing come back for the sake of the under 12 year olds. We are literally ready to cancel our trip. It’s pretty sad that unvaccinated adults are ruining Disney for the little kids that can’t even get vaccinated!!!!

  13. I certainly would’ve appreciated a little breathing space! Slinky dog moved quickly, runaway railway did not, and we experienced a breakdown while riding Dinosaur in AK where we had to remained strapped in for quite a while. Never a dull moment! Ha!

  14. I’ve seen the lines. They are incredible, that is for sure! They do seem to be pretty fast moving, though. Still, people should leave space for each other. Especially coming out of the pandemic. 3 feet at minimum would be nice and would definitely help with the current situation. I truly believe guests would enjoy seeing some social distance markers laid back down before the return of masks.

  15. @Tami I agree, but I was just there a week ago and the parks were so incredibly overcrowded and we were crammed in everywhere like sweaty sardines. I kept hearing the Florida resident ticket discount that Disney was offering on the local radio stations and I’m sure that’s contributing to the overcrowding as well. We’ve been on Easter before and the crowds and lines didn’t compare to this!

  16. For the safety and health of everyone it might be safe to wear a mask. Due to the fact people are being stubborn and not getting vaccinated. Especially people that have medical issue it’s a wise choice on there part.

  17. I feel that social distancing is key, even more so than a mask. If we could keep our distance – masks should not have to be required.

  18. I hope this has proven mask are still needed due to the unvaccinated not following the guidelines to mask when indoors and in gatherings . I hope Walt Disney World will put it back in effect immediately as I’m vaccinated and not comfortable doing doors with so many people for my 8yr olds sake and we all continue to wear ours.

  19. I love that Disney is opening back up! People need to get the vaccine for it to stay that way. By Far- majority of those hospitalized with Covid are not vaccinated.

  20. disney is smart enough to follow the science instead of politics so if and when the cdc says its time to mask up i think they will comply.

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