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So, how are we feeling about the new Genie service?

So, how are we feeling about the new Genie service?

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As you can imagine, fans of the Disney parks have been sounding off about the new Genie service. So, how are you feeling about it, pirate crew?

We asked our friends in the Kenny the Pirate Facebook group how they are feeling about the new Genie service.

Their responses ranged from “meh, whatever” to “completely enraged”. I (Rebecca) boiled down your collective points into a few main takeaways.

Credit: Disney

If you need a breakdown of all the currently known information, please see our guide to Genie. More information, and presumably clarifications to come prior to the launch this fall.

Positive Thoughts


One crew member expressed excitement because it sounds similar to Disneyland’s former program, MaxPass.

Credit: Disney

Many rejoiced at the idea of being rid of the stress of planning and waking up to score all of your pre-booked fastpasses in one go.

In the Parks

One reader astutely pointed out that fewer people will likely use Genie+, thereby keeping standby lanes more manageable.

The flexibility that Genie offers excites some of us. You can decide day of if you want to add it on.

Credit: Disney

Another said she looked forward to having more spontaneity in the parks.

DAS Changes

Those who utilize a DAS (Disability Access Service) pass felt heard as Disney continues to make the pass easier to use in the parks, and allows guests to sign up ahead of time.

Less Than Positive Thoughts


 My parents had four kids – we could never have afforded something like this for six people.

Jessica T

Several readers stated that the price for large families or families coming from other countries would be too great.

How to survive Disney World with a big family
Credit: Disney PhotoPass

A couple of readers also mentioned the “Individual Lightning Lane” option was “greedy” or a “cash grab“. The Individual Lightning Lane allows guests to pay to cut the standby line for the most popular attractions (max two per day) but is a separate fee from Genie+.

Cash grab? Photo from D23

A lot of readers have concerns about pricing out middle class families.


Some readers lament the loss of the advanced planning the old system necessitated.

I liked knowing ahead of time that we had access to favorite rides.

Leslie G

Others worry they will spend the duration of their trip looking at their phones.

Concerns about Disney’s IT

Credit: Disney

It’s no secret to long-time Disney parks goers that Disney IT doesn’t always live up to our expectations.

“I am trying to wrap my head around how so many people trying to book their fast pass reservations at 7 AM is going to work without continually crashing their system.”

Tamara W

Personally, I (Rebecca) recall using the actual website instead of the app for like a year because the app just crashed. Fireworks…crash.

Credit: Disney

Obsolete Knowledge

Won’t someone think of the time we all spent mastering the old system? Just to… scrap it?

What about sleeping?

Many of us, none more so than yours truly, prefer to maximize my sleep on vacation. What if we have Boo Bash the night before and we are out ’til 1 am? What if we have multiple chronic illness and rely on sleep?

This guy’s got the right idea Credit: KtP Writer Christina

It sounds like it’s take what you can get if you wake up after 7 a.m. That’s a little much for potentially every day of your vacation.

I kind of feel like we’ve been through this with the grand opening of Rise of the Resistance. Some of us need to sleep.

Cautiously Optimistic Thoughts

“I will reserve judgement until I actually see it in action. I think it will evolve and hopefully become a very helpful tool.”

Michele L

Multiple readers echoed the idea that Disney usually gets things right, so let’s just wait and see.

“Excited they did something. Better than nothing”

Meaghan C
Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Kenny the Pirate and Character Locator may be seen as even more useful to guests, even as some of our readers questioned whether Disney’s intention was to replace planning sites.

“I won’t forgot who taught me how to do Disney in the first place. I will Character Locate even harder.”

Susan L

Well, that’s about it for comments and concerns. Will you use Genie+? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.

-Rebecca W Davis

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Tuesday 24th of August 2021

I don’t want to go through planning my day at 7 am. I don’t want to use my phone on my vacation day


Monday 23rd of August 2021

100% agree


Monday 23rd of August 2021

I think it's going to be a freaking nightmare! There is NO WAY thousands of people are going to be able to utilize this system at the same time! The Disney site crashes on a regular Tue!


Monday 23rd of August 2021

I'm definitely not a fan! I actually enjoyed planning out my Fast Passes with the guarantee that I will at least have access to those 3 attractions. I fell like it is now a crap shoot & not so much for planners. The cost really hurts. Even though we were being told that the day is coming (for paid Fast Pass) it still hurts! $15/person/day will quickly add up & this doesn't even include most of the headliners; those will cost more with a price to be determined. Most people who vacation at WDW are staying for multiple days/weeks. If those people choose to not purchase Genie+ (due to cost), they are now at a disadvantage for exploring the most that they can, within their time... At least, this is how I am interpreting it. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I absolutely look forward to Kenny's tips/thoughts! I have more faith in his site than I have ever had in MDE so I will continue to utilize Character Locator.


Monday 23rd of August 2021

With a good plan, you won't need to buy the extra cost ILLS


Monday 23rd of August 2021

Most American families only have so much to plan with. Some won't use this, and even if they do it doesn't include the biggest and most popular rides (those require the lightning pass). Others will splurge, but cut back in other areas by spending fewer days in the parks, fewer resort nights (or staying off property), eat fewer big meals, and do less shopping. For most families, I predict Disney will lose money. However, if enough people embrace this, Disney could still make more money overall. I really liked planning our days and Fast Passes out with our dining reservations and knowing what to expect. If you don't know what you'll get until 7 am, you will have more unhappy families. Every glitch or crash will feel so worse.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.