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Breaking: Buffets are Returning to Disney World

Breaking: Buffets are Returning to Disney World
Credit: Disney

Love them or hate them? That’s the question! Buffets are returning to Disney World with the reopening of this restaurant.


Credit: Maggie

Clearly buffets are not the most hygienic experience at Disney (or anywhere else for that matter). Because of this, Disney World temporarily suspended them during the initial reopening phase.

Some restaurants that offered buffets have not reopened yet, and those that have are now all-you-can enjoy plates. Restaurants like Tusker House, Crystal Palace, and Hollywood & Vine are all open again but do not offer buffets.

However, Disney has been moving out of that initial reopening phase rapidly. Like many other things that have returned in recent months, could buffets be next?

Boma Buffet

Credit: Maggie

Today, Disney Parks announced the reopening of Boma Flavors of Africa at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The restaurant will reopen on Friday, August 20 with reservations opening up on Wednesday, August 18.

In the past, Disney has typically announced restaurant reopenings with details on menu items and how the food will be served. However, that is not the case with Boma. All they mentioned on their social media was that the restaurant would be reopening soon. It was apparently not worthy of a blog update, which I beg to differ!

Credit: Maggie

Additionally, the Boma page on the Disney website still mentions the fact that the food is served buffet-style. While this could be a matter of simply not updating the website, it could also mean there was no need to update it at all!

Buffets have returned to Disneyland Resort, and we figured it was inevitable at Disney World. You can read more about that HERE.

Credit: Jamie

Reports are floating that Boma will, in fact, serve food buffet-style. It could be they quietly want to see how buffets go before making any big announcements.

We will be sure to keep an eye on Disney media channels before Friday to see if there are any official announcements regarding the return of buffets.

Do you like buffets or would you rather they disappeared with the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. Fortunately there is absolutely zero peer reviewed factual evidence that states you can get Covid from a buffet. You can get it in poorly ventilated spaces if you spend over 15 minutes in close proximity to someone else or are directly coughed on and inhale someone’s expunged particulate. Also, contrary to the most recent narratives, the Delta variant isn’t killing as many people as the previous versions. People need to look at the actual numbers and data. I was careful with original Covid, am vaccinated, and am not anti mask or a denier. I supported and wore the mask and am continuing to do so,, now.. This Delta is not going to kill people because they eat at a buffet.

  2. Maybe they will have a cast member dip out the food selections. Some buffets that have reopened in the midwest are doing that. Buffets have never been the most cleanliness idea but if ya use common since and sanitize your hands, some of the risk goes down.

  3. I too feel the same way, the more COVID we have here in Fl, the more things are going back to pre COVID..just doesn’t add up

  4. Yeah great idea! Buffets were closed in May and June when cases were almost down to nothing but now that we are in the worst pandemic ever with hospitals overwhelmed, lets have buffets again! Brilliant idea! How long until the next shutdown?

  5. Bomb is a favorite. The meats are cut by servers. Perhaps more serious in some areas could help to climate the human touches to all the spoons that get touched by all. Having mixed feelings with covid numbers climbing again. If I were visiting soon I am sure I would pass it up although it is a favorite.

  6. This is great news……..and boma is a favorite of ours……I only hope the buffet with all of its great selections is still the same

  7. I kinda liked buffets, although I did always think they weren’t the most hygienic..I’m on the fence as to whether they are re opening them too soon. Maybe I’m wrong, but i had thought that maybe they were saving costs by doing the family style.. less food waste from the buffet?

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