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Photos: Will Polynesian Resort Construction be Complete by Reopening?

Photos: Will Polynesian Resort Construction be Complete by Reopening?
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We are less than a month away from the reopening of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. But, will construction be complete by then? Here is our latest photo report showing all the progress of the monorail station, Great Ceremonial House, and ‘Ohana.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian is one of the two original resorts on Disney World property. Unfortunately, the regular rooms have been closed since last March when the parks and resorts shut down. Disney is in the process of giving the rooms a Moana-themed makeover, and the photos so far look stunning!

The resort aims to reopen this July, specifically July 19 as that is the first date available for room reservations. In the meantime, Guests can stay in the villas or bungalows with Disney Vacation Club.

DVC Room Progress

In our last update, we shared that the villas are likely next to receive some refurbishment work although no official announcement has been made. During my recent stay, the entrance to the Moorea building was closed off on one side. You can see in the photo below that a temporary fence and some tarp have blocked off whatever is being prepared.

There is definitely work being completed on the DVC side although there is no evidence yet inside the Moorea building.

Great Ceremonial House and Monorail

Other than the rooms, Disney is also in the process of refurbishing the Great Ceremonial House and completely removing the monorail station to create a new one. The monorail is unavailable, but the Great Ceremonial House is open while work is completed.

Right outside the Lava pool is where most of the construction is taking place. Since the pool area is located directly next to the Great Ceremonial House, this is expected but still loud and a bit of an eye sore.

The biggest update has to be that the roof is on! It still needs some work as it is not 100% complete yet.

The roof is on but not complete.

Inside the Great Ceremonial House, the only evidence of the monorail station is the blocked out windows on the back side. You cannot see any of the construction work taking place from inside.

Speaking of the monorail, you can see most of it has been rebuilt as we inch closer to the official reopening. The frame has been added but still remains unfinished.

‘Ohana updates

Ahead of the resort reopening, ‘Ohana will once again serve Guests in just a few weeks. After Guest outrage, Disney heard our cries and added noodles back on the menu.

Inside the restaurant the giant tiki statues are moved off to the side and the chairs are all pushed into one area.

It looks like a bit of a mess at the moment, but you can see the restaurant is in the process of being re-carpeted! This certainly explains the upheaval.

Do you think construction will be complete before the Polynesian reopens in July? Do you have an upcoming stay here? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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