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Disney just released the new Ariel Castle Collection Date

Disney just released the new Ariel Castle Collection Date
Photo: Disney

The newest Disney Princess Castle Collection featuring Ariel will be released soon. Check out the details here!

In April 2020, shopDisney announced an enchanting new collection featuring 10 of our favorite Disney princesses and their palaces. The Disney Castle Collection includes 10 releases celebrating the castles of our most beloved heroines. In addition, some castles debut with these sets!

ariel castle collection
Photo: shopDisney

Each series features a high-end light up castle figurine, a castle ornament, and an hinged castle pin. All of these these collections are limited releases. However, some items have sold out within minutes.

Cinderella Castle Collection

Cinderella Castle Collection
Photo: shopDisney

First in the set, was the most famous Disney castle: Cinderella Castle. Walking down Main Street and seeing Cinderella Castle is truly a highlight for many families. Now, you can bring this iconic beauty to your home.

Frozen Castle Collection

Frozen Castle collection
Photo: shopDisney

Next, Disney released the Frozen Castle Collection. I love the light blues in this set resembling the icy kingdom of Arendelle. Last July, guests purchased this set using lottery on shopDisney. Also, on May 4th, 2020, shopDisney unveiled the infamous Virtual Waiting Room.

Mulan Castle Collection

mulan castle collection
Photo: shopDisney

In September 2020, ShopDisney unveiled the Mulan Castle Collection. Shoppers were told in advance what time to purchase live on the shopDisney website. Although some shoppers experienced the dreaded Virtual Waiting Room, these items were easier to purchase than the first two sets. Additionally, nothing sold out within minutes which was a nice change.

Snow White Castle Collection

Credit: ShopDisney

Next, Snow White debuted her castle in October 2020. This castle is one of my favorites! Snow White’s Castle Collection was purchased live on shopDisney! This worked better than the troublesome merchandise pass.

Rapunzel Castle Collection

Rapunzel castle collection
Photo: ShopDisney

Eager shoppers found the Enchanted Palace from Disney’s Princess Rapunzel on December 5, 2020. Rapunzel’s whimsical personality comes out in the vibrant colors in her set. However, the pin quality left many fans disappointed. Also, this may have accounted for the long pause between series.

Aurora Castle Collection

Photo: shopDisney

On March 27, 2021, the Aurora Castle Collection went live on shopDisney. This set is just a little magical with its touches of pinks, purples, and pastel greens. The trees resemble those outside Disney’s actual castle.

Jasmine Castle Collection

Jasmine Castle Collection
Photo: screenshot of shopDisney

Just a month after the Sleeping Beauty Collection, shopDisney released the wildly popular Jasmine Castle Collection. However, there was a catch to this set. If you planned to shop this collection during the day of April 27, 2021, you were probably disappointed.

ShopDisney released this set at 3:00am EST so shoppers were forced to get up incredible early to purchase these items.

Ariel’s Castle Collection Release

ariel castle collection
Photo: shopDisney

Ariel’s Castle Collection is 8 out of 10 sets to be released by shopDisney. Being the only underwater (and mermaid) princess, you’ll find colors of the sea in this charming set. Journals are wonderfully colored and would make a wonderful way to chronicle your Disney trip.

Set those alarms because the Ariel Castle Collection release date is June 26 at 3 am!

Future Castle Collection Releases

The release schedule was delayed for some time, but now they’re coming more frequently. Keep checking back and we’ll share release dates and details for each upcoming Castle Collection set. In the future, shopDisney will release sets based on the Merida from “Brave” and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” We’re hoping these final 2 sets will be released soon.

Final Thoughts

Credit: Jamie F

I hope you’re enjoying this set as much as the Kenny the Pirate writers are. We wait with anticipation for shopDisney to release the next set! They seem to get more beautiful each release!

Which Castle Collection is your favorite? Also, which item(s) do you collect? Please share your thoughts on our Facebook page and feel free to share this post.


  1. I hope this castle is nice. I’ve been disappointed in most of them because only ONE pin I’ve received has been ok. EVERY other one has had a damaged hinge! So frustrating because these pins aren’t cheap. I have enjoyed the Stitch Crashes pins much better for that very reason!
    I also think it’s ridiculous to have the sale go on in the middle of the night. It will be 2:00am for me CST as opposed to 3:00am. Ugh. I’ve always been a HUGE Disney fan and love anything Disney; however, there have been many disappointments lately.

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