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Disney boosts capacity at this ride in Epcot

Disney boosts capacity at this ride in Epcot
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Another day, another Disney World ride loading at higher capacity. See how Epcot’s wait times are being cut by removing physical distancing.

Distancing Decreased

After a recent study suggested that the current social distancing requirement that is in place could be reduced from six feet to three feet, Disney acted pretty quickly. You can read more about this study HERE.

With the county and Orlando Airport also making changes, it also seemed to be inevitable as Disney looks to increase capacity and return to normal.

Although the website says that the distancing guidelines will be decreased using a gradual, phased approach, Disney has been moving pretty quickly. With increased capacity effective immediately, proper markers need to placed throughout the parks and resorts to effectively manage the crowds.


Not only are markers being moved around in queue lines and throughout the parks, but some rides are also decreasing distance – either partially or completely. This means there are no/few rows being left open, and plexiglass may or may not still be in place.

Rides like Tower of Terror, Festival of the Lion King, Splash Mountain, and even Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club have all reduced or eliminated distancing.


The most recent ride to increase capacity is Soarin’ in the Land Pavilion at Epcot. Previously, a plexiglass barrier was placed on a child’s seat and parties were able to sit separately. The dividers were not moved around so if the number of guests in each party didn’t line up just right, many seats were left unfilled.

Here is what it looked like before:

Now, the plexiglass and seats are gone and Disney is asking Guests to keep one seat open in between parties. Proper distancing is still in place in the queue.

By removing the barriers, capacity is boosted and more Guests can experience the ride per hour. This will cut wait times down, which is desperately needed now that Disney has increased capacity.

What ride do you think will remove distancing next? Do you like that things are moving back to normal? Leave us a comment below or on Facebook.

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