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New Signs Point to the Possible Return of Nighttime Fireworks!

New Signs Point to the Possible Return of Nighttime Fireworks!
Credit: Disney

New evidence suggests we may have nighttime fireworks sooner rather than later! When do you think they will make an announcement?

Nighttime Entertainment

Credit: Disney

POV: It’s 10 pm. You’ve just spent the whole day at Magic Kingdom with your family. You’re on Main Street with a Mickey bar watching Happily Ever After. You shed a tear when Tink flies across. Life is good.

Raise your hand if you miss fireworks? I know I sure do. This pandemic has taken a lot (with fireworks seeming trivial in the grand scheme of things), but they are still missing from the guest experience at Disney World.

Magic Kingdom has Happily Ever After. EPCOT has EPCOT Forever/Harmonious. Hollywood Studios has Fantasmic! and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, and Animal Kingdom has the amazing Tree of Life projections.

Disney has been testing fireworks on and off for the past several months and have even posted job listings for its return. Now, more testing is making us wonder when we will actually get an announcement.

EPCOT Forever

Breaking: Disney Adjusts Nighttime Entertainment Due To High Winds

Last night, May 10, Guests staying at the EPCOT area resorts could reportedly hear the music from EPCOT Forever playing. There were no fireworks, just music.

Yes, you read that right. I said EPCOT Forever, not Harmonious. EPCOT Forever is the temporary nighttime show that debuted in late 2019 and was only intended to show for a few months before Harmonious began in Spring 2020.

Harmonious is still in production. The barges have only been in place for a few months now and testing occurs every so often, but they are not ready for the new show yet. For the latest on Harmonious, click HERE.

So, is Disney preparing to show EPCOT Forever for a little while until Harmonious debuts? Will fireworks return before Harmonious is ready to go? As we inch closer to a more full experience, I think it’s possible.

Do you think we will see EPCOT Forever before Harmonious? When do you think we will see a fireworks announcement from Disney soon? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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