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Breaking News: The Disney College Program is Returning!

Breaking News: The Disney College Program is Returning!

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Disney’s College Program is a great opportunity for students to get some real life experience at the Most Magical Place on Earth. It was suspended last year due to the pandemic. However, it is set to return! Get all the details here on when it’s coming back, who can apply, and the brand new look.

College Program

Through this program, students are given the opportunity to serve in a “front-line” role in various careers in the theme park industry. Students can work in the parks, work at the hotels, and serve in various capacities in the operation of the theme parks while also earning college credit. Additionally, participants live in company-sponsored housing together with other program participants.

The pandemic took so many things from all of us last year, and students participating in the College Program are no exception.

Back in March of last year, the program suddenly ended and participants were sent home unexpectedly. Many were left with only a few days notice to pack their belongings and return home. Disney did reach out to those students making sure they had a place to go back to, but it was still a difficult process for those affected.

We thought maybe the program would return for the next semester, however, it was suspended until further notice back in July.

Return of College Program

As Disney continues to bounce back from the pandemic and bring back many of the experiences and magic we love about the parks, the College Program is one of the aspects that is ready to make a comeback. Chapek stated a few months ago they were hoping the program would return by the end of 2021.

Disney just announced the relaunch of the Disney College Program for this June. They are inviting participants whose program ended early or was suspended in 2020 to reapply. Today, May 3, these participants will receive exclusive communication via email about this exciting opportunity.

A simplified application process has been implemented along with some relaxed eligibility for those who may have already graduated from college. Right now, the College Program is only coming back to Walt Disney World. Other programs may return in the future.

New Changes

Credit: Disney

Disney is also considering how the program will look during a pandemic and recovery period. Changes to housing in the brand new Flamingo Crossings Village and efforts to reduce the spread of the virus will be implemented. They will look a lot like they do in the theme parks and at the resorts.

Not only has Disney made changes in regards to the pandemic, but they have also redesigned the College Program website! The illustrations look so neat! I love how so many of the icons we know and love from Disney Parks have made their way into the art.

Did you have a loved one who could not finish their semester with the Disney College Program? Will they reapply? Leave us a comment below or on Facebook.

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Monday 3rd of May 2021

I think it’s a great experience my daughter did it and she loved it still talking about it. She was there for seven months working in magic kingdom. If anyone has the chance please try it.

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