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Stitch Crashes Disney: Little Mermaid date just announced!

Stitch Crashes Disney: Little Mermaid date just announced!
Photo by: shopDisney

Check out the just announced release date on Little Mermaid Stitch Crashes Disney beautiful monthly set here!

Last year, Disney featured an adorable Minnie Main Street Merchandise monthly series. These sets were based on Disney attractions. They were super popular – especially the Fireworks Finale set.

Stitch Monthly Series

stitch crashes disney
Photo: Disney

In 2021, Disney announced a brand new Stitch monthly series. Inspired by the original 2002 Lilo & Stitch film trailers, each month features a different Disney movie.

Each month we give a sneak peek for each set as soon as Disney releases them. Check back here often for sneak peeks and dates each month.

Beauty and the Beast

Photo: Disney

The all-over silk fabric here fit with the Beauty and the Beast theming, and the rose is so cute. Admittedly though, this set is not entirely what I was expecting.

Lady and the Tramp

Photo: Disney

In February, shopDisney released The Lady and the Tramp set. The Lady and the Tramp is a beloved classic Disney story about a Park Avenue Cocker Spaniel, and a vagabond pup from the other side of the tracks.

Of course, they have their first kiss while eating a bowl of spaghetti!

Charming Tony's Town Square - Check out our New Dining Review
Credit: Susan

If you’re like me and love this move, check out our recent review of Tony’s Town Square here. The Lady and the Tramp theming is so charming! If you’re a fan of the Live Action Lady and the Tramp film, check out their playdate at Disneyland.

As for this month’s design, I suppose Stitch supposedly crashes through while Lady and the Tramp are enjoying their favorite dish of spaghetti? While I appreciate the fact there are contrasting fabric designs, the spaghetti on top of Stitch’s head leaves me guessing here.

I love the Hidden Mickey on Stitch’s right foot though!

The Lion King

Photo: Disney

This month on March 19 (that’s today!), shopDisney released the latest Stitch Crashes Disney plush and Magic Band based on Disney’s 1994 film, The Lion King.

This set features the earthy colors of an African safari. The contrasting fabrics balance the tribal and jungle vibe of the movie perfectly. One question haunts this design though, what’s up with the grubs on Stitch’s head?

Another unique feature for last month’s set is the “pre-ordering” of the jumbo pins. Also, if you’re collecting each one of these unique Stitch pins, be sure to grab the 3-ring binder to hold them all. It evens come with an exclusive starter pin!

The Little Mermaid

Photo: Disney

The Lion King set was released in March, and Disney just released the The Little Mermaid April date. The cool underwater colors in this set reflect the tropical feel that Stitch himself evokes. What are your thoughts on this month’s set?

Release Date

Credit: @DisneySprings

Disney Springs just announced the Little Mermaid set’s release date on Twitter! Check out the picture shown above, and set those alarms now because they go fast. For now, shopDisney, says available soon. Keep a watch on shopDisney for it drop there also.

Release date for the The Little Mermaid is April 26th at Disney Springs!

Upcoming Sets

Credit: Monica

While we know there will be 12 sets released in this collection, we don’t know all of the movies that will be featured yet. So far, Disney has released that set 5 is based on Pinocchio. Also, set 6 is based on one of my favorite classic films, Aladdin.

Which classic movies would you like to see Stitch Crash through? If you’re a Stitch fan, be on the lookout for the announced Live-Action Lilo and Stitch in the works!

Are you loving this Stitch collection, or are the designs a little too far out for your liking? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page or on our crew Facebook Page.

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  1. I have enjoyed this collection more than the Castle collection. These pins have been super cute whereas I have received three damaged pins in the castle collection. All issues have had to do with the hinges. Can’t wait for this one! I think it would be cool to see Stitch with a Mulan release! Maybe he could be holding a sword or something! Lol!

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