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Check out the Exciting Cast for the Enchanted Sequel

Check out the Exciting Cast for the Enchanted Sequel

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Some Disney films are worth waiting for. A sequel for one of my favorite Disney films “Enchanted” is well under way. Check out the current cast line-up for this anticipated sequel.


photo: Disney

Back in December, Christmas came a bit early as we learned about the new line-up of Prequels and Sequels that would soon be available on Disney+.

One great prequel involves one of our favorite villains, Gaston. A Prequel is in the works for the live action Beauty and the Beast. It truly is a “Tale As Old As Time”, and we are so excited for the prequel to add to this enchanting story.

Also check out the brand new prequel that is set to take place before the setting of the Live Action Lion King HERE. All of these announcements were so exciting but none as exciting as the new sequel Disenchanted.


photo Disney

I absolutely love the live-action film Enchanted. This sequel will pick up where Enchanted left off.  What happens after Giselle’s “Happily Ever After?” We shared about the announcement of this pre-production back in March. You can read more about this sequel HERE

Originally Disenchanted was slated for a theatrical release. During the Investor’s meeting in December, it was confirmed that Disenchanted will be released on Disney+. With Amy Adams (the actress portraying the lead character Giselle) returning, this will be one “can’t miss” sequel.

New Actors Announced

Amy Adams Retur Amy Adams Enchanted Disenchanted
Photo: Disney

Amy Adams will return as Giselle. The film simply wouldn’t be the same without her. That led us to wonder what other talent may return from the original film. We just have to “Let It Go! Can’t hold it back anymore” with this great news.

That’s right, our shameful pun leads us to the exciting announcement that Idina Menzel will be returning for this sequel. Even non-Disney fans no doubt recognize her name as the voice of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen and Frozen 2.

Courtesy Disney

In Enchanted, Menzel played the role of Nancy Tremaine. At the beginning of the film, Nancy Tremaine does not believe in happily ever after, but by the end of the film she is transformed into a beautiful animated princess (complete with tiara).

Also returning to the cast for Disenchanted is James Marsden. Marsden played the role of Prince Edward. Originally set to marry Giselle, but through a turn of events, he discovered that the character portrayed by Idina Menzel is his true love.

This couple’s story will continue in this exciting sequel.

courtesy Disney

Also earlier this year, Patrick Dempsey announced that he would also be returning to the cast of Disenchanted for his role as Robert Philip. In the end, both Giselle and Demsey’s character of Robert Philip fell in love with a perfect storybook ending.

We are so excited for this sequel and the announcement of this star-studded cast.

Idina Menzel, Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams, and James Marsden will all return for the new sequel Disenchanted.

Are you excited about this Enchanted sequel? Do you think this film will pick-up with the Happily Ever After of the last film? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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