Home Disney News Photos: More Disney World attractions removed physical distancing on ride vehicles

Photos: More Disney World attractions removed physical distancing on ride vehicles

Photos: More Disney World attractions removed physical distancing on ride vehicles

More Disney World attractions removed physical distancing on the ride vehicles. Would you still visit the parks with these relaxed standards?

Physical distancing on rides

With Disney World’s reopening, so many changes had to take place in order to keep Guests physically distanced from one another. We see markers in queue lines showing Guests where to stand. Parades and nighttime entertainment do not take place in order to discourage crowds from gathering. Even tables in restaurants are marked as unavailable.

When physical distance cannot be maintained, plastic or cloth dividers have divided Guests. These were first noticeable on the monorail and Kilimanjaro Safari for the reopening. We have since see some type of divider on attractions like Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

To go even a step further, Disney placed only one party per ride vehicle or skipped rows to ensure Guests would remain distanced. All of these efforts have kept Guests at a reasonable distance from each other as best as possible.

It seems that is changing, though.

Hollywood Studios

Kenny the Pirate is at Hollywood Studios today, and he shared these photos of the boarding process for Slinky Dog Dash. Slinky Dog is the most popular ride in Toy Story Land and boasts some of the longest wait times in the entire park.

Previously, Cast Members were loading every other row to maintain distancing between parties. Now, Guests are loaded into every row.

We have also learned that Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster also loads every row now. This comes shortly after Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom removed physical distancing on the ride.

Why the change?

Is this due to the increase in holiday crowds? Or, has Disney been given clearance from local governing officials? We are told this green light came from county officials, and it could not have come at a better time.

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, and wait times are increasing every week as Disney ramps up for one of the most insane weeks of the year. By loading every row, more Guests can get through the queue at a faster pace.

Does this change make you nervous to visit Disney World? Do you prefer the physical distancing on rides or not? Let us know on Facebook!


  1. I just got back sat dec12 from a week there even though it was busy in parks I felt safe hand sanitizer everywhere you look 100%of people wearing masks distanceing on lines they did a good job

  2. I won’t be going back to Disney until they return to pre-covid normalcy. Their gross overstepping into personal freedom is going to kill them. If you’re sick, stay home. That’s all they or anyone in this world of snowflakes needs to do. Sad to see how far they’ve fallen because of their choices. Walt would be disgusted.

  3. With this news I will not be patronizing the parks or spending money at Disney. I feel this is unsafe behavior for a company to partake in during a pandemic where our leading medical professionals recommend social distancing and wearing a mask in public. I really hope no one gets sick and can trace it back to going to Disney.

  4. If you don’t like what they are doing… don’t go. We can all make our own decisions and we all have different risk factors. Disney has gone above and beyond with its safety measures.

  5. Here is the real question. If masks are so good then why do you need distancing? If I dont have a fever when I enter the park but develop one while in the park, how did the temp check do any good? It is like everything else that is done to supposedly protect us it doesnt it is just there to make you feel warm and fuzzy with no real benefit. Does security at the airport really protect you? If you think it does talk with the people that have been gin down or blown up at airport security check points over the past years after the enhanced security checkpoints while standing in line. Life has risks the true protection for yourself is to way the risk versus the benefit and then decide. Government and companies can not make you safe only you can do that. They can provide tools to assist you but they can not make you be safe.

  6. This is beyond disappointing. COVID numbers are soaring everywhere. So the answer is to reduce physical distancing? This is ridiculous. Once again, Disney is showing its interest in money more than any actual concern for guests. Just because the FDA has approved the COVID vaccine, doesn’t equal immediate immunization in the general public. Disney only needed to wait until next summer when the vaccine was available to the general public to relax its standards. I hope, for the sake of the general population, that their relaxed standards doesn’t result in an increase in COVID cases amongst CMs and Disney guests. Even as a DVC member and AP, we’ll be holding off our return. We went back in Aug when social distancing was in full-effect and park capacity was low.

  7. We have a Reservation for Sept. 21 and we are hoping for a return to pre Covid conditions, I would be very comfortable with the relaxed standards.

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