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2 Great Perks for Cast Members to Choose Between

2 Great Perks for Cast Members to Choose Between

The Walt Disney Company is starting December off with a gift for the talented Cast Members that serve in the Disney Parks. Check out the 2 great perks that Cast Members may choose between, and also weigh in on which perk you would choose.

Cast Members

We are thankful for the many talented Cast Members who create Disney magic for Guests every day. We often call these magical moments Pixie Dust. You can check out the many Pixie Dust moments that our writers have received over the years.

The Cast Members are truly what sets the Disney Parks apart from other Theme Parks. Have you experienced Pixie Dust in the Parks? Find out how you can say Thank You to a Cast Member that helped to make your Disney vacation even more magical HERE.

Unfortunately many Disney Park Cast Members were let go when Disney announced layoffs. You can still help support these great Cast Members this holiday season through the Cast Member Pantry and through purchasing the Why? It’s Christmas holiday album.

show your support for disney cast members by supporting the Cast Member Pantry and also by purchasing the holiday album: “Why? It’s Christmas”

2 Great Perks for Cast Members

In November 2019, the Walt Disney Company launched Disney+ which streamed the magic of Disney to homes across the United States. Last December, Disney Cast Members were given a choice of which they would rather enjoy for the upcoming year: the usual Disney Park Main Entrance Pass or a Disney+ package.

In 2019 disney cast member could choose a disney+ bundle or a Disney Park Main Entrance Pass for the upcoming year.

Let’s look at these 2 options a bit more closely. The Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass would allow Cast Members to take family and friends to the Theme Parks for free for an entire year. This pass is subject to black-out dates and restrictions.

The Disney+ bundle includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for an entire year. Even if Cast Members choose the Disney+ bundle they will receive self-admission to the Theme Park and Cast Members discounts. This pass is also subject to black-out dates and restrictions.

Cast Members that choose this bundle would simply not be able to extend the Disney magic to family members and friends. Those Cast Members that chose the Disney+ bundle in 2019 will continue to enjoy the streaming service until the 2021 selection perk selection date.

Which Perk Would You Choose?

If you were a Disney Cast Member which perk would you choose? I guess it would depend upon if many of your family or friends already have Annual Passes.

To me this would be an easy decision and I would choose the Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass. This would be such a fun way to share the magic of Disney with my family.

Which perk would you choose? Do many of your family members already have Annual Passes to make the Disney+ bundle more desirable? Do you think you would still visit the Parks as often if you were a Cast Member? Share which perk you would choose on our Facebook Page.

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Thursday 11th of March 2021

Are they allowing cast members to get Family and friends into the parks in 2021?


Thursday 11th of March 2021

Yes, as long as there are not block out dates and there is park availability.

Harvey Householder

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

As a cast member, I chose the admission and will again. I pay for Disney+ which is only $13 per month but if someone visits and wants to go to the park, to get them in can be over $100 in one payment. I pray that Covid ends soon and our restrictions are lifted, because in 2020 I would have been much better off to have chosen the Disney+.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.