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Magical Memories: Pixie Dust in the Parks!

Magical Memories: Pixie Dust in the Parks!

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Have you ever received an unexpected gift or experience from a Cast Member while visiting one of the Disney Parks? We call this unexpected blessing “Pixie Dust.” Join the KennythePirate Writing Crew as we relive some of these moments when we received unexpected kindness that made our trip “Home” a bit more magical. Then be sure to share your own!

Cast Members

Cast Members go above and beyond every day in order to give each guest a magical experience. The Cast Members truly make the Disney Parks more than simply a theme park and make you feel like you are “Home.”

Walt Disney greatly valued the training of each Cast Member and once stated, “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”


Our thoughts are with the Disney Cast Members during this time that the Disney Parks are closed. With Cast Members soon to be on furlough due to the indefinite closure of the parks, we wanted to honor special experiences that Cast Members created for us but also for all guests on a daily basis.

I met Jim, a Cast Member at Hollywood Studios, and he made my day. I simply asked what time would be best to return to see Mickey Mouse, and we started talking for 10 minutes about Disney History.

At the end of our time, he even shared FastPasses for our family to attend any show in the park for that day. We wanted to share with you even more great experiences that were created because of amazing Cast Members like Jim.


“Our server at The Crystal Palace made sure my son’s birthday was recognized. He was given a birthday cupcake and a signed card from all of the characters. I know this doesn’t happen every single time this is someone’s birthday, so I was very happy to receive some pixie dust.


“Our family was getting ice cream from Storybook Treats one afternoon. My daughters were both dressed up wearing their princess dresses. The Cast Member handed us our treats and said that they were free today for royal families.”


“My friend and I enjoyed an adults-only trip. We were at Aloha Isle grabbing a snack. She ordered a Dole Whip for herself but then changed her mind because she wanted something else.

The Cast Member basically ordered (kindly, of course) me to take it. I tried to buy it and argue with them but they said that I better take if for free or they would just throw it away. That was really nice of them to do that.”

dole whip at poly



“Last summer while we were at Disneyland we were passing by the ice cream shop on Main Street. A Cast Member was holding a big bowl of ice cream with all the fixings. She called my girls over and asked them if they enjoyed eating ice cream. They, of course answered “YES!”

The Cast Member handed them the bowl and told them to enjoy! Needless to say, my girls were two happy campers.”

Review- Beaches and Cream


“My little girl bopped herself with a popcorn bucket while we were waiting for our food at Satul’i Canteen, and she started crying. One of the Cast Members saw this and brought her a plate of cupcakes to make her feel better.”

“On our next trip, we brought along a thank you note hoping to see the same Cast Member. He remembered her and brought her more cupcakes. Now we make it a point to try and visit our Satul’i pal every time we head to Animal Kingdom. He always has a treat for her, and we always have a little note and a cast compliment for him.”


“Last March we went for my son’s birthday. We did our own celebration at home for his birthday, but he did enjoy wearing his “Happy Birthday” pin in the park.

When we were visiting Main Street Confectionery, we were able to watch them make Rice Krispie treats. The Cast Member making them said, “Happy Birthday” and asked if my son had any allergies. She then gave him a big ball of the warm Rice Krispies that were getting molded into Mickeys shapes. It was a wonderful surprise.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Dining
Photo: Disney Parks


“About three and a half years ago, my daughter and I were at Magic Kingdom. Our little tradition is always to grab a sweet treat at the parks. We stopped in the Main Street Confectionery and each chose a cake pop.

When we checked out, the Cast Member handed me a bag with a cookie and said that this would be another sweet treat for us. It was something so small, but I felt so grateful and immediately thanked her for her kindness.

It was such an awesome way to end our day at our favorite place!”


“One of the most memorable pixie dust moments was from our trip in February. ‘I had a dream’ for my princesses and I to enjoy a Tangled eclair from Pinocchio’s Village Haus after the evening’s fireworks.

Unfortunately, we arrived a few minutes too late. We found a Cast Member sweeping.

The door was unlocked and we discovered that they had just closed for the evening. I asked if we may be able to purchase an eclair, but she politely said no. We started walking down through Fantasyland and heard someone calling for us.

We turned to find the Cast Member, still with a broom in hand, calling for us. They had an eclair for us.

When we returned another Cast Member greeted us with 3 eclairs, and he wouldn’t accept payment for them since the registers were closed. This was such an unexpected but very sweet surprise.”

Special Ways to Thank a Cast Member

Please follow our previous post on 7 Ways To Thank a Disney Cast Member. Cast Members are not allowed to accept monetary gifts, but there are many great way to say thank you in a big way.

7 Ways to Thank a Walt Disney World Cast Member

e would love to hear ways that Cast Members have made your vacations even more magical. Please share with our KtP Planning Crew and on our Facebook Page.

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Saturday 13th of June 2020

One of my fav days was when my son was 5 and The Force Awakens had just come out and he was ALL IN! He had a darth Vader hoodie with hood that came over his face and attached cape that he wore around the park and would reach out his hand to “force” various cast members while we walked. Nearly every one would react in some way (some falling to the floor - ha)! One bakery CM brought him out a Vader cupcake and said, “here take this please Lord Vader”. And one CM he tried to “use the force on” right after loading a ride came and gave him a handful of paper fast passes! 5 years later and it is still his fav Disney day!


Friday 12th of June 2020

Here's one for the books. My family and in-laws (4 adults and 3 kids in total (youngest one was 2 months)) drove to Disney World from Canada. We had big delay's and RV problems that delayed us by almost 24 hrs. We got to the campground at about 5 am and tried to get some stuff set up without waking the kids but didn't get the tent finished. But we had fastpasses to get to and didn't want to pass them up. So we headed to the park for opening (ish). Well, low and behold all of us are exhausted and plugging on, then the cherry on the cake, it starts to pour rain! We slog through to our reservation and have supper. Nearly missing the last bus back to the campground. So we are soaked, we know our stuff is soaked and we are exhausted. My husband and I decide to foot the bill for two hotel rooms if the cast members could find us some. He goes to talk to the registration desk and explains what has happened. They ask that we give them a minute to see what they can find. A few minutes later she handed him a key for the cabins at Fort Wilderness and says that there is no extra payment. It still makes me tear up! That was the best part of the trip for us and we were so very thankful for that pixie dust that poured down on us that day.

Nancy Pisani

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

My husband and I had our pixie dust moment in 2011-my husband proposed on the bridge next to the Castle during the fireworks. I had no idea he was going to propose. I was stunned. We stopped in a store before leaving and the CM saw I looked so happy and asked about our day. I told him about the proposal and he took me and Al over to the hat store for bride and groom ears. They would not allow us to pay for them. I still have them in my living room. The CMs are all amazing.


Saturday 11th of April 2020

I'm getting teary reading these acts of kindness/pixie dust. We have had so many experiences full of pixie dust, but two stand out. 1. Our first trip as a family, when my son was 2.5 years old, we booked the cheapest room at AofA. My mother in law had given us money for the trip before she passed away and my husband had just been laid off. We arrived at the desk and I asked about the request we had made to have a quiet room room, away from the elevators. The cast member was on the computer for awhile, and when she returned, she assigned us a room. We opened the door to a Lion King Suite! My son was so excited to play the table "drums" and see the characters all around the room. It felt like my mother in law was looking down on us and smiling with a lot of help from the cast member. After many more trips, it still feels like the most magical trip we have ever had... 2. Last summer, we made a reservation at Cinderella's table to have my 50th bday dinner during fireworks. We made the request to sit near a window and the cast member said they really couldn't make table changes to what had been assigned. We were seated near a window!!! It was so cool and made my bday even more memorable. When we left, I thanked the cast member. She looked at me with a straight face and glimmer in her eye and said she had no idea what I was talking about. ;0)

Donna Farmer

Sunday 12th of April 2020

Now you have me teary eyed. Thank you so much for sharing such great times that Cast Members made your stay even more magical.


Friday 10th of April 2020

I have 2. One: We were eating at La Hacienda de San Angel and watching the Epcot fireworks out of the window and my daughter fell off of her chair leaning to see. The server was so worried that she had gotten hurt and brought her a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles and a candle in it. She was perfectly fine (maybe a little embarrassed). Two: We were staying at the Beach Club Villas for my daughter's 10th birthday. We had booked a Deluxe Studio and she was so excited to sleep in the pull down Donald bed. When we opened the door to our room, we immediately realized it was not a Deluxe Studio. We had been upgraded to a one bedroom Villa. I felt bad, but we actually went and complained. There wasn't anything they could do to change us. So, we decided to head over to Epcot for the evening. When we returned there was a Donald Duck mug, stuffed Donald Duck, signed picture of Donald, some Donald Duck stickers waiting for us in our room. It made my daughter very happy and helped her get over her disappointment. We ended up loving the 1 bedroom Villa (who wouldn't?).

Donna Farmer

Sunday 12th of April 2020

Thank you so much for sharing 2 such special times that Cast Members went above and beyond to make your time more magical.

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