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Guest Trespassed from Disney Park For a Very Interesting Reason

Guest Trespassed from Disney Park For a Very Interesting Reason
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Many have questioned if the Disney Parks would be as magical with the requirement of face masks. Yesterday a Guest was trespassed from a Disney Park when he refused to comply the face mask mandate. Read all about his colorful exit.

Face Masks Required

Whatever your personal stance may be regarding face masks, Walt Disney World now requires the wearing of face masks in all Disney Parks, Resorts, and shopping districts.

Our own KennythePirate writing crew visited Walt Disney World and shared our experience in visiting the Parks while donning masks. Check out our review and suggestions HERE. Face masks are required at ALL times with the exception of Relaxation Stations and if you are stationary while eating or drinking.

Many questioned if Guests would comply with the face mask requirement. We were delighted to see full compliance with Guests wearing face masks during our visit in July. For more information regarding face masks and health and safety protocols, check out our full article “Is Walt Disney World Safe.”

Guest Refuses Face Mask

As a whole, Guests have been compliant with the face mask requirement. However, some Guests have not been as complaint as the majority.

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At the end of August we shared that an Orlando Guest became aggressive with a Security Guard when he was not allowed to enter EPCOT without a mask. The man was charged with hitting the Security Guard in the head and threatening to kill him.

This man was charged with misdemeanor battery. Walt Disney World has maintained their mask policy and their health and safety protocols.

A Guest was refused entry into Epcot for failing to wear a face mask. he became aggressive and was charged with misdemeanor battery.

Guest Escorted from Park

Yesterday, a Guest visiting Hollywood Studios was found to not be wearing a face mask. A Cast Member kindly requested that the man wear his face mask. When this first request was ignored, an area leader made the same request for the Guest to wear a face mask.

The situation escalated rather quickly. The Guests began to incorrectly cite the Americans with Disabilities Act and the HIPAA privacy act. Walt Disney World has stated that ALL Guests and Cast members must wear a mask while on Walt Disney World property.

As time drew on, things became even stranger as the Guest called Walt Disney World “North Korea.” In an interesting change of events he even began to mis-quote lines from Disney Pixar’s film “Bug’s Life.”

Security Guards escorted this Guests from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and then they made their way towards Echo Lake. When the Guest was taken backstage, he was given a trespass warning by the Orange County Sheriff for failing to comply with posted Park rules.

This Guest’s day ended less than magically. With the trespass warning in place, he will be eligible for arrest if he returns to a Walt Disney World Park. We are thankful that no one was injured in this altercation.

The Man was charged with trespassing due to not following Disney Park rules. he will be eligible for arrest if he returns to walt disney world.

What do you think of these escalations over the refusal to wear face masks? Have you visited Walt Disney World while wearing a face mask? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. I think that is awesome Disney is taking it seriously. Cases are finally going down in states with mask mandates. Its been proven that masks work and will be the norm for a while. If you dont want to wear one then its your choice to stay at home.

  2. Obviously, my comment was listed as a separate comment and not as a reply to Heidi’s comment. I agree w/listening to the medical experts.

  3. Won’t be going until this is lifted. So much information out there showing the use of masks as being not effective. I agree with social distancing and families staying together and I understand if the cast members want to wear masks that interact closely with guests. Masks can help them but out in the open and with a 2 year old and a handicapped child, I won’t be going to a theme park masked.

  4. Personally, I’m sick of the whole mask thing; however, Disney had made their rules very clear, even prior to the opening, regarding their stance on the masks. I don’t understand, at this point, why anyone would choose to buck the system, so to speak, to cause trouble. I also don’t understand the previous assault. If you don’t want to follow the rules, you don’t have to go. That’s one reason I haven’t planned my trip yet. I want to go, but I’m holding off for a little bit to see if anything relaxes. I would wear a mask if I could still do a meet & greet with a character. I think I’m more upset about not getting up close & personal with the characters than anything else. The characters ARE the magic as far as I’m concerned. If you know the rules and you plan a trip, you should expect to have to follow them. Simple as that!

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