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Guests May Not Receive PhotoPass Photos for Walt Disney World Rides

Guests May Not Receive PhotoPass Photos for Walt Disney World Rides


With the reopening of Disney World, our KtP team has spent the last several days touring the parks and learning all about the new protocols in place. One bit of information we received was a bit shocking, but after we learned why, we completely agree with! Why would Guests not receive their PhotoPass photos for rides? Find out below!

What is PhotoPass?

Christmas 2018

PhotoPass is a free service Walt Disney World provides to Guests. It allows Guests to receive photos of their vacation, including photos (and videos!) on various attractions!

You can read all about PhotoPass and Memory Maker HERE. You can also read about why Memory Maker, the fee to get all those photos and videos without a watermark, is worth it for so many Guests HERE!

Changes to PhotoPass

A prop used at the PhotoPass location in front of Tower of Terror, 2019

Disney World announced some changes that would be taking place once the parks reopen. Almost every aspect of a Disney vacation was analyzed and changes were made if necessary.

Not only are masks required along with a reservation to enter the park (in order to keep attendance in line with reduced capacity), some changes were made to PhotoPass as well.

While some props may still be in use, Disney wants Guests to know they will be cleaned between use. Social distancing will also be enforced as best as possible. They will still need to scan your MagicBand or card so be prepared for that.

If you don’t plan to use PhotoPass or purchase Memory Maker, it’s also important to be aware that photographers are no longer allowed to use your personal phone or device to take photos for you.

Guests May Not Receive Some PhotoPass Photos

So, why would Guests not receive their PhotoPass photos?

Disney is fully enforcing the mask-wearing requirement and double checking all PhotoPass photos that are taken on attractions.

If a Guest is NOT wearing their mask while on the ride, the photo is deleted and will not appear in their Photos on My Disney Experience.

While Disney is doing an excellent job enforcing physical distancing, it is still possible that another party may be in your ride vehicle. If anyone in that party is not wearing their mask, this will affect you too!

Because of this, please be aware your ride photos may take a little longer to show up in My Disney Experience!

So, please wear your mask, even on rides! They are for your safety as well as other Guests.

What do you think of mask wearing on rides? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!

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  1. So explain this: why does Disney have this policy? Did their attorneys ask them to do this in order to prevent liability lawsuits?

  2. If someone from another party removes their mask causing me to not receive the photos I have paid for I will be VERY upset. Hopefully, Disney would allow those who ARE following the rules to reach out to Photo Pass & receive their photos.

  3. I think if you are in your own ride vehicle, you should be allowed to remove your mask. I also think if you are taking a quick photo outside with people 6 feet away, you should be able to remove your mask for the photo. Who wants all of your vacation photos to be in a mask?

  4. Photo pass is not worth the money then if you are required to wear a mask. The facial expressions being made on the rides and in meet and greets are priceless but if masks are being worn you miss out on these.

  5. It gives a bad look for Disney. If you’re allowed to remove your mask for a photo, then all the photos will be of people without masks. That totally undermines their rule that everyone must wear a mask in the parks, and could give the government ammunition to shut them down again.

  6. My only concern with the policy is if someone that is not in my party removes their mask, the photo gets deleted.

    Do you think Disney will allow me to request a ride vehicle with just my family? (So a random stranger cannot ruin my photo opportunity?)

  7. Exactly. Think of it this way. Have you ever been driving and the car in front of you uses their windshield wash? You end up driving through their spray. It’s the same with virus droplets. The mask helps reduce the virus droplets that are expelled reducing the other guests risk.

  8. I don’t think you should wear a mask on the rides or getting pictures taken. But rules are rules, if you are real close to someone in pic yes but if you have a good amount of distance, I think removing your mask for a quick pic shouldn’t hurt as long as you put it back on afterwards.

    • If you don’t wear a mask on rides, you are spreading the germs that they are trying to prevent. Masks sense to me as someone who was in the parks all week.

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