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Updates to PhotoPass Procedures: Props, Social Distancing, and More

Updates to PhotoPass Procedures: Props, Social Distancing, and More
Credit: Disney

There’s so much information coming out today! Disney PhotoPass released their updated procedures for the reopening of the parks. Read on for details.

We reported a few weeks ago that guests will no longer be able to hand their personal device to PhotoPass photographers for them to take a picture.

In addition to that new policy, Disney PhotoPass released a new statement clarifying their coronavirus related procedures.

My son and I pose with a photopass prop at blizzard beach

PhotoPass Props

In it, they state that photo props may still be in use, but that the props will be thoroughly cleaned in between guests. In some cases, guests may be asked to stand behind or near a PhotoPass prop, rather than to hold it.

My family holds a prop at the Main Street Electrical Parade

Disney Photopass reassures guests that the photographers will work to get the best angles to make the pictures look as magical as possible.

Social Distancing

Guests are also asked to have their photo card or magic band ready to be scanned. PhotoPass photographers will do their best to keep their distance while scanning to link your photos to your account.

One of our favorite things to do at the parks is to get magic shots! Because a magic shot doesn’t require any props, maybe they will add more magic shots to the repertoire? I wouldn’t be complaining about that!

but can they fix my smile?

Magic shots can also be accomplished easily with 6 feet of distance. They could even incorporate guest’s required face coverings or make a reference to riding out the coronavirus in 2020 at the Disney World Resort.

We are all saddened at how different the parks will look when we return. However, I am hopeful that Disney and our beloved Disney Cast Members will do everything they can to make it special.

In this unprecedented time, will you be focusing on taking pictures? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group!

-Rebecca W Davis


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