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2021 Walt Disney World Tickets Now Available!

2021 Walt Disney World Tickets Now Available!

Early this morning, Disney World updated their website to allow sales of tickets for 2021. Read on for details.

Today, June 28, all guests who hold tickets can make reservations to enter the parks regardless of their planned accommodations while visiting. Prior to today, only resort guests and annual passholders were able to book park reservations.

You can now purchase your tickets for 2021 here and start reserving your time in the parks for dates between January 1, 2021 and September 26, 2021.

You may experience the pink castle of doom, but hang tight and you’ll be able to reserve

Not sure how to reserve time in the parks? Check out our step by step guide with pictures and these helpful tips for users who are experiencing difficulty.

You are able to view the park reservation calendar in order to verify that your chosen parks will be available prior to purchasing tickets.

The availability calendar will look like this, click “theme park ticket guests” to see availability for this group

Ticket prices vary by date and start at $109 per day. You have the option to add park hopper to 2021 tickets. See the example calendar for a single day, one park ticket for January 2021 below:

What about 2020 Tickets?

So far, ticket and annual pass sales for 2020 remain on hold. Disney’s site says these will become available “later this summer.” We will keep you updated on availability of those tickets as well.

Are you planning to visit Walt Disney World in 2021? You can book your package for resort stays online! This last week the phones were very busy, so if you can take advantage of this feature, that would be ideal.

This has been a busy, sometimes confusing week for Disney World goers, and we know you have questions! We are here for you. Be sure to comment on our Facebook page and join our helpful Facebook crew!

-Rebecca W Davis

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Sunday 28th of June 2020

When will December 2021 packages open? Does anyone have a good guess?

Rebecca Davis

Sunday 28th of June 2020

Hi Kyle, thanks for reading. We don’t know yet unfortunately. I know the 50th anniversary of MK is in October 2021. I suspect they plan to make some kind of announcement about the celebration and then start offering those packages, etc.

I kept wondering what was so special about September 26 2021, but it is 5 days prior to the anniversary, so my guess is that’s why they have current tickets from before the shut down expiring on that date too.. I’m guessing tickets for that next week will be more expensive.

Not sure that helps, but that’s my guess. I have no insider info, just speculating. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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