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Cast Members Confirm Only DVC Resorts will Remain Open for the Rest of 2020

Cast Members Confirm Only DVC Resorts will Remain Open for the Rest of 2020

Two of the KtP writers called Disney this week, and we both received quite the shock when Cast Members shared some alarming information regarding resorts.

Who would have thought the closing and reopening of Disney Parks would be so confusing? There has been information thrown at us repeatedly since the reopening proposal back in May.

Back in May when Disney World announced its proposed reopening, the Disney World website mentioned that DVC and Ft. Wilderness would reopen on June 22 while the other resorts would reopen with the parks on July 11.

That bit of information about the resorts was taken down from the website shortly after, leaving us all to question: “When will the regular Disney resorts reopen?

Disney has remained completely quiet on this. Many of us began to wonder if Guests staying onsite would be upgraded to a resort that is open once the parks are open.

Calling Disney to Find Out

Earlier this week, one of the KtP writers called Disney to ask about her Annual Pass. While on the phone, the Cast Member shared only the 11 DVC resorts and Ft. Wilderness would remain open for the remainder of 2020. The “regular” Disney resorts would not reopen.

Ok, so we all know that Cast Members don’t always give out the most accurate information. But, then I called today to confirm reports that some guests are being asked (not required) to upgrade to those available DVC resorts if their trip falls before/around park reopening.

I, too, received confirmation that the 11 DVC resorts and Ft. Wilderness would be the only resorts open.

Given the fact that we have just about 3 weeks to go until reopening and no information about the “regular” Disney resorts has been given, this certainly seems plausible to me that DVC resorts and Ft. Wilderness will be the only onsite accommodations available.

Several KtP writers have also seen reports floating around that Disney is calling Guests with room reservations at a regular resort this year to upgrade them to a DVC resort. It’s worth noting, however, that several of us writers have room reservations at POP Century, All Stars, Riverside, and more and have not received a phone call yet.

We will update when/if we receive the phone call and any more detailed information about the upgrade, including if it will be free or if we are asked to pay the difference.

What are the 11 DVC Resorts?

  • Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary
  • Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge
  • Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Wilderness Lodge
  • Jambo House and Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Boardwalk Villas
  • Old Key West
  • Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
  • Riviera Resort
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Villas a Grand Floridian

More information about Disney Vacation Club can be found HERE.

We will be following this closely as we have a lot of questions about it and will update with any new information as it becomes available!

Have you received a phone call from Disney asking you to upgrade your room reservation to a DVC resort? Please report back to us on Facebook! We are very interested in hearing your story!


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  1. I had a reservation for July to stay at All-Star Music. The options I was given was to stay at a DVC resort or Camp Wilderness cabins but I had to pay the difference in price.

  2. Just a few thoughts, GF, Poly and such have huge Lobbies. Big lobbies big crowds. OKW and SSR have small lobbies, BRV has no lobby yes you can use WL but there is little or no place to sit and mingle so less likely to be crowded. Now fort wilderness has a very small lobby. Maybe they are doing this for crowd control and social distances, not just for check in but to control the crowds in a lobby that linger.also people are being called back but not necessarily To where they work, a pop qs person may be called back but placed in Epcot in a qs. Another food for thought is hours of operation, if parks don’t open till 9 and there are less tables and such maybe in villas they are hoping that some people will eat in rather than out helping with social distances. Also parks will close I heard at 7, again many May choice to eat in room rather than out. That is just a thought. As for DVC I agree with what someone said, disney sold contracts for DVC so disney by contract is only allowed to sell 2% as cash room until I think it is 30 days before check in then they can use the rooms as cash rooms. If they don’t follow those rules DVC members will really be upset since most of them are losing money this year. But I do think crowds will be low, disney wants money coming in and people workings but it is all over the news that Florida May become an epicenter so I think a lot of people will be rethinking, trips.

  3. As far as I’m aware, per DVC rules Disney can only sell / give away DVC room which still are owned by them. Basically, if a DVC resort is completely sold, Disney only holds about 2% of room inventory which is normally used to take rooms out of rotation for maintenance. If they don’t need it for that, they can rent them out for cash reservations.

    Also, all rooms belonging to DVC inventory (the other 98% of rooms at the resort (if fully sold) can be rented out by Disney for cash, provided no reservations were made for them by DVC members by a certain date before arrival.

  4. We received notice that our Pop reservation was being moved to Old Key West. We weren’t allowed to chose what Deluxe resort they were moving our reservation to and they gave us a Studio Villa. Our reservation is July 5th-11th and it was a free upgrade as Pop is closed and Theme parks will be closed. They refunded all our theme park tickets and dining package.

  5. From what I’ve read, if Disney moves you, and you have absolutely no choice about which resort you’ll be placed, than the move is at no additional cost. If you choose a resort to move to, then the guest pays for the upgrade. It reminds me of booking a Disney cruise where you don’t know your room selection till close to the cruise date.

  6. Well I am now an out of state AP holder who cannot afford to visit Disney. I am an All Star Resort on a budget pass holder. Paying for one of those resorts Is not within my ability. If I stay off property I drive for two days and can only be guaranteed 3 Disney days. This is not good. Not at all.

  7. As a DVC member who already finds it challenging to find rooms even 11 months out at our home resorts and nearly impossible at 7 months at a non-home resort, I wonder how this will affect availability. If we don’t/can’t use or bank points we lose them. No word from DVC that rules will be relaxed during the Covid19 pandemic.

  8. Yesterday I talked with Disney reservations. No, Pop Century will not be open for some time. We will receive an email with the information and instructions to call to modify my resort to one of the DVC resorts. I asked would they be paying the difference or me. ME. This ought to be fun. I arrive July 11.

  9. So it makes sense that Disney would have shut down hotel side reservations while they determined how to abide by several new rules for social distancing, keeping their attendance numbers low and just the basic economics of running too many near empty resorts. (This is where those sports teams REALLY help out as they’re filling in that space.)

    I do not agree that Disney will allow no hotel guests to be on property. Instead they may simply consolidate, shut down those values for the time being and offer incentives to those who they need to cancel so they come back next year.

  10. I received a room upgrade that didn’t cost me a dime. I’m surprised to hear that option wasn’t available to everyone.

  11. People aredv being asked to pay the difference and perks lie free dining ared being removed. Confirmed this repeatedly this past week. Unofficial speculation is that is could partially allow priority for members of dvc but non members are being allowed to maintain reservations is they’re willing to pay to upgrade.

  12. I did read the other day that Unions are bring back resort food service CMs, one of the resorts is POP Century, so I would guess the resort will be open if the food court is open. time will tell.

  13. My husband and I had a reservation for July 3rd at Caribbean Beach. We received a call this week about our resort being closed. We were given the option to change to Fort Wilderness or a DVC resort but we would have to pay for the difference in price. I asked if the DVC rooms in Jambo House would be available and was told no, only Kidani was available to book. We decided to cancel as the room in Kidani was twice as expensive.

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