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Florida Moving Into Phase 2 Very Soon

Florida Moving Into Phase 2 Very Soon

Just one week after Walt Disney World and Seaworld proposed their reopening plans to the Orange County Task Force, Governor DeSantis now shares when the state of Florida will move into Phase 2 of the COVID-19 reopening process.

Universal Orlando Reopening

Today, Universal Orlando reopened to a special Annual Passholder preview. We have all excited to see Kenny the Pirate share his experience at this preview on our Facebook page.

Universal Orlando has been one of the largest amusement parks in Florida to reopen to guests. We look forward to hear all about Kenny the Pirate’s experience with the virtual queue lines and character meets from a social distance.

Universal Studios Shares Safety Video for Guests

Phase 2 Ropening

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state of Florida will be moving from the current Phase 1 into Phase 2 on Friday, June 5, 2020. This is great news! What does this mean for Florida residents and those who may be traveling to Florida in the near future?

Disney Cancels Dining Reservations for Disney Springs Restaurants Despite Reopening

This Phase 2 will allow movie theaters, bars, and concert halls to reopen at a 50% capacity. In this new phase the fitness centers, restaurants, and retail stores that have been operating at a 50% capacity will now be open to 100% capacity.

Social gatherings of 50 people are also allowed in this upcoming new Phase 2.

What This Means for Disney

The fact that restaurants will be able to now open at 100% capacity will allow additional guests to dine and shop at Disney Springs. Disney Springs reopened partially on May 20, 2020 to guests.

We also shared today that guests can now make dining reservations at select Disney Springs dining locations.

More Updates to Disney Springs Reopening: New Operating Hours, New Health and Safety Team

Many Walt Disney World guests were frustrated last week when their Disney Park dining reservations and fast pass selections were canceled after Walt Disney World announced their reopening date of July 11, 2020 for both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Epcot and Hollywood Studios will reopen on July 15, 2020.

Who Will Get Access to the New Disney World Reservation System First?

This is all taking a bit of time to get used to, but we have faith, trust, and pixie dust that this news of a move for Florida into a Phase 2 will allow additional offerings in the Walt Disney Wolrld resorts and theme parks.

How do you think this Phase 2 reopening will affect Disney Parks and the Disney Springs area? Does this encourage you to visit the Disney Parks once they reopen? Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.


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  1. I do understand this. But, November is 4 months away. Also see they are talking about this going on through 2021, how can they predict all of this?

    • You are completely correct. Theme parks are allowed to reopen and set capacities according their proposed reopening plans to the Orange County Task Force. The thought was that with this movement into Phase 2 may lead to a higher capacity at Disney Springs sooner rather than later. We are seeing positive signs for this with select dining at Disney Springs offering reservations. Thank you for your time in responding.

  2. All my dining has been cancelled for November. I don’t understand why when above states they are moving to Stage 2 “What This Means for Disney

    The fact that restaurants will be able to now open at 100% capacity will allow additional guests to dine and shop at Disney Springs. Disney Springs reopened partially on May 20, 2020 to guest”

    • The point that I was trying to make was that guests who may be visiting Florida next month when the Disney Parks reopen may see more offerings at Disney Springs as part of the Walt Disney World Resort experience. Many guests were concerned with Disney Springs operating at a limited capacity. Guests have mentioned that they were worried that on their non-park day that they may not be allowed into Disney Springs due to their limited capacity. Guests also were concerned that dining reservations were not available when they first reopened. With the movement into Phase 2 we are now seeing select dining at Disney Springs opened for reservations. We view this as a positive sign and even though WDW is allowed to increase capacity at their discretion, we are hoping that this will have a positive influence on the park experience in the future. Thank you for your time in responding. I hope this helps to explain the original content of the post.

    • Disney announced that all dining would be canceled for 2020 before any Stage updates and Disney will follow a much slower pace at recovery than the State of Florida may follow. Safety is the number one concern for them, so they may be overly cautious.

  3. I cancelled July 15th resort reservations since they cancelled my 17 dining reservations . Why go without dining and no parades or fireworks.
    Today my dinning for Hoopty Doo and others have been cancelled for my october trip. Waiting now to see if October halloween party tickets are cancelled . Not doing party without the parade etc .Havent missed a party in many years Already have reservations for June but that’s so far off.

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