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Disney Shares a Magical Moment from Backstage in the ‘Balloon Room’ at Magic Kingdom

Disney Shares a Magical Moment from Backstage in the 'Balloon Room' at Magic Kingdom

Disney Parks has shared another magical moment with us today from backstage in the ‘Balloon Room’ at Magic Kingdom. Read on to see what the background is behind this magical photo moment.

Disney has shared so many fun, magical memories with us even though the parks have been temporarily closed. Whether it’s fun, yummy recipes to make like the grey stuff, ride along videos of our favorite rides like Slinky Dog Dash or Everest, or virtual viewings of magical memories such as Happily Ever After, they have been able to keep the magic alive.

Today, the Disney Parks are sharing a story from behind the scenes in the ‘Balloon Room’ at the Magic Kingdom.

I cannot think of the Magic Kingdom without seeing Mickey balloons. They are so colorful, bright, and to me, they just give a sense of pure happiness to everyone who sees them.

As a matter of fact, these balloons pictured below here that are found in the Disneyland app are my background on my phone screen. I love them. Every time I look down at my phone, I am greeted with these.

It’s hard to visit the park and not come out with a Mickey balloon (or two or more) as a souvenir. They are usually one of the very first things I spot after entering the park.

Chloe Rice, creative photographer at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts shared this wonderful backstage photo she took in the ‘balloon room’ at Magic Kingdom. This is where all of the balloons are prepped for the day.

Her plan for being in this room was “to show how Walt Disney World Resort brings joy to guests every day. And what brings more joy to a child than a balloon?”

On this particular morning, balloons were flooding the room. There were so many, she says she could barely close the door behind her, but she didn’t mind because having all of the balloons bump up against her and her camera gear “felt like a hug.”

I cannot agree with her more. It’s like one giant balloon HUG from Mickey! We could all really use that right now, right? I can practically feel the love just looking at this beautiful photo.

We hope you have enjoyed this magical Disney moment today. I know just seeing this picture has really been a bright spot to my day.

Do you buy a Mickey balloon on your visit to the Magic Kingdom? Share you pictures with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We would love to see your bright, colorful pictures of your happy memories. Feel free to share them with us in our Facebook crew too.

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