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Disney Magical Moments: Expedition Everest Virtual Ride and Learn

Disney Magical Moments: Expedition Everest Virtual Ride and Learn

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While waiting for your next Disney vacation, see the virtual Expedition Everest ride here. Also, check out the many cool fact!

Disney has given us lots of ways to bring Disney magic home. Also, check out the KtP website for tons of articles and ideas. I (Susan) love that Disney gives us fun experiences with our favorite memories.


Credit: Susan

Walking toward Asia, Expedition Everest captures park goers attention. Check out the massive, snow-capped mountain with a roller coaster running through it! It calls us to enter the thrilling mountain adventure to the “top of the world.”

Amazing Shots

Also, be on the lookout for a Disney PhotoPass Photographer. When walking from Discovery Island toward Asia, look for monkeys to your left. Then, turn to your left to spot the photographer. This photo gives an amazing night shot with Everest lit up in vibrant colors.

Credit: Disney

If you’re lucky enough to catch a Photopass Photographer on the bridge between Asia and Dinoland, there’s a magic shot with snow falling. Check out Kenny!

Credit: Disney Photopass Photo of KtP

Interesting Expedition Everest Facts

disney patent possible yeti fix
Credit: Disney Photopass

I’ve (Susan) recently learned some really cool facts by watching the Disney+ Imagineering Series. In addition, I highly recommend the Imagineering Series for both Disney fanatics and novices

Prop Culture

Also, if you love the Imagineering Series, the Prop Culture series gives viewers an inside look of 8 full-length Disney films.

Trailer Released for new Disney+ show "Prop Culture"
Credit: Disney

Expedition Everest is not actually Everest, but is called “The Forbidden Mountain.” Once you leave base camp, riders travel to the top of “The Forbidden Mountain.” Here, guests experience an up-close encounter with the Yeti.

Top 10 Ride Photos from Our Pirate Crew
Credit: Disney

The Yeti is a mythical creature (although my husband insists he’s real!) that is believed to protect the Himalayans and the people living there.

Also, the Disney Imagineering team spent many days in Nepal researching Asian customs, architecture, etc. They purchased over 2,000 handcrafted Asian artifacts. This gives an authentic feeling of actually being in Asia.

Himalayan artists were consulted for Yeti statues and carvings. They even added red paint to a Yeti statue because in Asian culture this is believed to bring protection from the Yeti.

The Yeti

Credit: Disney

Yeti is a Sherpa word that means yellow-bear or “man-like creature.” The Expedition Everest Yeti stands over 20 feet tall! He was originally intended to actually move rather than relying on strobe lights for a movement effect, but broke in the early stages of the ride being open.

Disney Imagineers have stated that this is a structural issue that would require the mountain to be disassembled to fix. Guess we’re stuck with “Disco Yeti,” which doesn’t really bother me since I’ve never seen the Yeti actually move.

disney patent possible yeti fix

Expedition Everest cost over $100,000,000 and took a decade of planning. The steel coaster was the first Disney ride to allow guests to experience backward and forward movement. I love the “broken track” effect.

Credit: Disney

Virtual Ride

Check out the amazing virtual Expedition Everest ride to the top of “The Forbidden Mountain,” and see what looms in the mountain…

Other Disney Virtual Rides

Wouldn’t it be fun to do a virtual Disney party with the family? Check out some of the other virtual Disney rides below.

I absolutely love Slinky Dog Dash. The oversized toys add a whimsical element. Check out the Slinky Dog Dash virtual ride here.

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Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain is another of my favorite Disney World coasters, especially riding at night. While you’re waiting for your next Disney visit, enjoy the virtual ride.

If you miss the sound of “it’s a small world” running through your head all day after riding it, check out the virtual version. Then, you’re practically guaranteeing to be humming the tune.

Credit: KtP Writer Donna

Head over to Disney’s California Adventure to experience the virtual Incredicoaster. Or, hold a virtual home party. Watching Disneyland Paris Illuminations is a great way to wrap up the festivities.

What’s your favorite thing about Expedition Everest? Please share your happy memories and pictures on our KtP Planning Page and on our Facebook page.

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