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Would you do a Social Distancing Character Meal?

Would you do a Social Distancing Character Meal?

The character meal experience could be much different once the Disney Parks reopen. We’ve got some ideas of what they could look like in the future. Find the poll in the link to answer: would you do a social distancing character meal?

Face masks. Virtual queues. Limited capacity. There is so much talk (all rumors, for the most part) of what the park experience could be like once they finally reopen.

One such experience that could also be changed is character meals.

KtP Writers Answer: Favorite Character Meal

What is a Character Meal?

A character meal combines a meal and a character meet and greet into one. For many families, it is an excellent way to take a break while still keeping kids occupied. There are dozens of character meals all over the Disney World Resorts, from Garden Grill and Cinderella’s Royal Table in the parks to 1900 Park Fare and Chef Mickey’s at the resorts.

Depending on which meal you go for, you could get a different set of characters. For example, 1900 Park Fare breakfast offers meet and greets with Alice and the Mad Hatter while dinner features Cinderella and her family.

Changes Announced for Disney World Resort Character Meals During Closure

These are usually a set price and may either be a buffet, all you care to enjoy family style, or a plated meal. They can be rather expensive, but many do not mind paying the price for the experience.

How Could They be Different in the Future?

Please note, anything discussed in this article has not come from Disney. It’s solely my opinion and the ideas all of the KtP writers were throwing around when we discussed it.

Hong Kong Disneyland is currently hosting character dining before the parks open. The characters are not coming to each table though. Instead, they stand 6 feet away from each table, and guests can take photos of them posing.

Check out the official statement from Hong Kong Disneyland:

From April 30 to May 3, 2020, the Enchanted Garden Restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel will offer “all you can eat” lunch and dinner. Guests will be able to enjoy lunch from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM or dinner from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Escape from reality, walk under an ornate wrought-iron archway and proceed through a trellised hallway flourished with magical vines and flowers. Arrive in a lovely Victorian setting and enjoy a cornucopia of delicious dishes, Asian and Western classics (e.g. Seafood on Ice, Cold Appetizers & Salads, Assorted Sashimi, International Cuisine, Chinese Flavors, Asian Specialties, Kid’s Meals and Desserts).

What’s more, enjoy special appearances by our popular Disney Characters from time to time and snap some photos of them from your table to capture the happy moment.  

Changes Announced for Disney World Resort Character Meals During Closure

Other Possible Modifications

While procedures in Asia will differ from what is done in the states, it does make you wonder what the experience could be like. Characters could not come to the table at all, especially face characters.

Fur characters may still come to the table as normal. However, I have thought about this and the risk of transferring germs from one family to another is still to high (especially if there is hugging, high-fiving, etc happening).

One way to entice guests to make reservations would be to possibly introduce rare characters instead of the usual ones that meet for meals. Think Suzy, Perla, Jaq, and Gus at 1900 instead of Cinderella and Prince Charming, or in addition to Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Instead of buffets where guests could choose how much they wanted and what they wanted, it’s possible family-style dishes would be brought to each table. This is already done at ‘Ohana breakfast and Liberty Tree Tavern, among other restaurants. It would limit the amount of interaction between guests.

So, would you do a social distancing character meal?

So I’d like to ask you, would you do a social distancing character meal? Would you still go if rare characters would offered? Or would you not bother at all? Answer below: we would love to hear from you!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Would you do a social distancing character meal?

As for me, they would have to offer some really rare characters or other cool incentives for me to book a character meal.

Have other ideas? Let us know your thoughts over on Facebook!


  1. I would wait till my kids can hug the characters before we would even come. we dont even come to disney for the rides basically just to meet characters

  2. My daughter is in the spectrum. There is no way I would come and tell her she had to stay away from the characters! Thats the main reason we come every year!

  3. The character dining experiences have been some of the very best parts of our trips. It’s so exciting for the kids to meet and pose for pictures with their favorite characters. I literally cried watching my toddler hug Pooh and tigger. One of my favorite photos of my dad on his last trip was with the Fairy Godmother at the castle. It will need to change to protect the cast members. But it will be sad for those who remember the past experiences and a new normal for those who experience it new in the future.

  4. I LOVE character dining. More than even my child does. I honestly have done trips with at least one character meal each day. But if you can’t actually take photos with the characters? No thank you. I can get photos off blogs and Flickr if all I want is a picture of a character, without the expense of the AYCTE meal. If I’m not in the picture it feels kind of dumb.

  5. Just thinking, as I’ve already rescheduled my trip (that probably won’t happen again) and received the free dining incentive, that this makes that free dining incentive worth a lot less too.

  6. NO, I have 15 reservations for July and if they’re cancelled because of less seating capacity, my family goes 3 times year , we will wait until 2021 as We already have reservations. Not paying premium prices but getting less in return. Going to WDW and eating a Turkey leg , and not having fireworks or parade or fantasmic and standing in queues for rides isnt our idea of fun. If it takes a year to get back to normal then I’ll save my 40k I would have spent .

  7. If you are going to have those meals you better be dropping the price for sure. I definitely wouldn’t pay a character meal price for a character distancing meal that is also no longer a buffet…

  8. I agree it’s not worth the money and if we can’t get signatures and pics with them then why bother. Not magical enough to spend that money since my daughter knows what it used to be. I’m sure lots of kids and adults would be sad if you couldn’t have a full interaction. At least autograph and a pic maybe no hugs etc could happen with a lot of planning?

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