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Disney-fy Your Downtime: Disney Rides at Home and Song Parodies

Disney-fy Your Downtime: Disney Rides at Home and Song Parodies

The KennythePirate Writing Crew has shared many great ways to Disney-fy your downtime. Even in the midst of an ever-changing world, we have discovered Disney fans who have gone above and beyond to share a bit of fun and humor during this time of social distancing.

Disney Characters in Quarantine

Kurt Tocci shared a hilarious video where he dresses up as iconic Disney characters and portrays how they would deal with social distancing.

We absolutely loved this video from Aladdin singing from his flying carpet in the living room all the way to Ariel serenading us from the bathtub. This video is sure to bring a smile to all Disney fans.

“I Will Social Distance”

This 24 year old shares with us that he can social distance by creating a parody to “I Will Go The Distance” from Hercules.

Family Recreates Disney Memories

We loved the magic and fun that this family brought in remembering some of Disney’s main attractions. Join them as they take in Splash Mountain, enjoy “it’s a small world,” and watch as dad creates custom silhouettes.

One of our favorites has to be during the fireworks scene that the family is enjoying. I think we all have experienced Disney fireworks with not only an adult standing in front of us but also with that same adult lifting a child to take in all of the magic as you stand behind them.

Soarin’ Around Our Living Room

This family wanted to recreate one of their favorite rides, Soarin’. Instead of this being “Soarin’ Over The World,” in true social distancing fashion, they brought us “Soarin’ Around the Living Room.”

We loved the ingenuity that they brought to this attraction from the Barbie doll’s feet dangling in front of the camera, to the adorable Tinkerbell and the grand finale fireworks.

Yo ho, Yo ho, A Quarantines Life For Me

We couldn’t leave our fun post without sharing some pirate fun with our Pirate Crew. This family recreated a true Disney classic attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean right inside their home.

This family did a great job, and we couldn’t stop laughing. The pirate skeleton on the bed, the pirates racing around the kitchen island, and the pirate prisoner locked behind the baby gate brought a huge smile to our Pirate Crew.

The KennythePirate Writing Crew hopes to bring a bit of joy, fun, and magic to you even while the Disney Parks are closed.

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How are you bringing the magic of Disney to your downtime? Which video did you like the best? Please share your thoughts and fun activities with our KtP Planning Crew and on our Facebook page.


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