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Several site updates for July 19, 2016


I’ve made a good deal of site updates today, so I thought you might like to stay informed.

On the CHARACTERS tab on the menu above:

  1. Updated Hollywood Studios Characters page
  2. Updated the Master List of Character Meets
  3. Updated the Hollywood Studios Character Map
  4. Updated the Magic Kingdom Character Map

On Character Locator:

  1. Updated the schedules for Donald & Daisy, Goofy and Chip & Dale on Character Locator
  2. Updated all Hollywood StudiosTouring Plans on Character Locator

Enjoy your time in the parks!


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  1. Any news on the date in August that Elena of Avalor will be at Magic Kingdom? I love your website! We got to do the character palooza and met several rare characters including Robin Hood a few weeks ago!

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