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Update to Epcot character removals Ezra and Sabine and Inside Out

Chip n Dale Chipmunks leave Epcot

Yesterday I posted a rumor update about the removal of Aurora and Pooh characters from Epcot.  I have some additional details to add that may not make some too happy.

Aurora and Pooh characters will indeed be removed, but I failed to mention that Chip n Dale will not be appearing at Epcot for their regular meet next to Innoventions for the forseeable future too.  (Continue to meet in Garden Grill). Chipmunks will still appear at every other location in Disney World, which is abundant and they appear nekkid in Animal Kingdom as well.

Here’s a few more tidbits I received from someone truly in the know.

  1.  Changes to Epcot character offerings may only be temporary.  For some odd reason, that cannot be fully explained to me, these characters could return again in a few months.  It doesn’t make any sense to me at this time, but perhaps it will all come together.  While Soarin’ is down for refurbishment the park is using the time for all sorts of odd testing of opening and closing schedules for attractions as well.   It doesn’t all make sense to us, but we don’t make the decisions or know their end goals.  No new characters will appear in Epcot in the next couple of months at least.  Why they are cutting this right now leaves me clueless.  Seems like they would offer more, not less while Soarin’ is closed to entertain guests.
  2. Inside Out characters will not coming to Epcot anytime soon.  No guarantee was given me that they couldn’t ever appear or that they couldn’t appear in another park, but they won’t be appearing in Epcot in the next couple of months at least.
  3. Ezra and Sabine will not be occupying the space in the old American Idol tryout area.  It was told me that characters will appear there, but the source isn’t at liberty to tell who.  Perhaps they will move Mickey again?  Perhaps they will move Mike and Sulley?  Perhaps they will bring new characters to Hollywood Studios.  We’ll wait and see what happens.

Don’t shoot the messenger and don’t forget, this website, nor anyone that writes for it, doesn’t work for Disney,.  Just pass along the tidbits and rumors we receive as it comes in.

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  1. They’re slashing budgets across wdw because of some expense they got hit with in Shanghai that was unforeseen and big enough to be worrisome. But issues over there are causing cuts over here. Once it balances out they will probably bring stuff back in some capacity.

  2. So disappointed about Ezra & Sabine. Glad I did not tell DD about them. For the younger kids Ezra & Sabine would be a perfect M&G.

    Thanks Kenny for always keeping us up to date!!

  3. The rumor I heard about the old American Idol auditions area was a sort of character spot style meet. One line taking you in to meet multi characters. I have never been to the audition rooms/area before they closed it down so not sure what kind of space that would be working with to convert it so unsure about the reliability of this rumor. Also not sure how much of that space potential went to Frozen backstage when it moved over.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me at all with the way things have been going lately. Thanks for letting us know. Good to know what else is going on in wdw. You’re the best

  5. So disappointed that the Inside Out characters and Ezra and Sabine won’t be meeting. We tried to see them last May at Star Wars weekends, but never got the chance. They kept running off.

  6. Totally stinks about the Inside Out characters. Good think I didnt tell my kids about the original rumor. Our trip is at the end of March. Hope you get another update that they change their mind. Thanks for keeping us in the know!!

    Quick question, we have a fast pass for the Disney Pals at Epcot. Is Baymax in that same area? I don’t see him listed on the Disney website. Thanks!

  7. No good. Thanks for the updates – guess I need to skip Epcot this year like I had originally planned. While I know my kids would love to see Baymax, no way am I going there just for him. I was going to go – for Inside Out too but… Oh well – more time at MK then. Keep up the good work KtP!

  8. Bummer, we were getting a FP for the Characters in Epcot, the only place we were planning to meet any as the kids are older. Chip & Dale were always such fun. Will have to seek them out somewhere else I guess. Thanks for the heads up, appreciate all you do!

  9. It seems to me that Disney is pulling characters from around the parks (free for just time spent) to only at character meals where you must spend money to see them. Again the almighty dollar is what is important to Disney. Yes I am becoming very Disney Disillusioned.

  10. Will Chip and Dake continue to be at the Garden Grill meals? We have reservations in April! Also Will Aurora appear at Akershus meals? Also have reservations there in April! I am getting pretty disappointed with the amount of closing shift while we are there in April. Thanks for the info.

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